Friday, August 14, 2009

You Could Hear A Pin Drop

So, for those of you who may not follow my cooking blog, I have re-entered the workforce after a year of recovery from my back surgery. I recently worked for a demonstration company, but thee amount of hours they were giving me was not what I had been promised. So much for a good ole hand shake. So I stayed with them until something more substantial came along, so I bided my time. Friends kept their ear to the ground in regards to any jobs out there.

A dear friend of mine had heard that the deli meat company Boars Head was hiring. So she got in touch with a friend of hers who was in upper management, but low and behold, eh was not hiring at present. I thanked her and told her just to keep her ear out for anything else.

Fast forward a few weeks and same dear friend called back to say that Mr. Boars Head was now hiring and to give him a call. I did and he said he would have a spot available mid-August and if I could hold on that long that I had a job. Oh yeah, I could wait.

Today was my first day and it was so much fun. I am a person who needs to deal with the public. Why? Because I was born to deal with people. I connect with them. I am the average Joe-ette and they like that connection. I am not some hoity-toity person who they cannot understand.

When my day was finished I had to go back to thee office to be shown how the paperwork is completed. So simple an earthworm could have figured it out. There was a few other employees in the office and we were just shooting the breeze, talking about nothing in particular. One of the ladies asked me if I had tried the new chicken I was demonstrating. I thought about it for a split second then I politely told them, "I don't eat meat, I am a vegetarian." You could hear a pin drop. The look on their faces was definitely a Kodak moment. I was tempted to play that entire moment all over again, just to see the look on their faces, it was grand.

The first thing I was asked was if I had issues working for a company that promotes meat. And I told them, if I did, I would not be working for them. Duh!

I did have a great time and it was good to be working in a wonderful atmosphere once again. So if you see a short lady with short red hair, that would be me.