Friday, June 26, 2009

It's Lonely At The Top

I wonder how much I would want instant success, wealth, fame, or anything else that fell into that category. We all say it from time to time. 'If only I could win the lotto.' Well I don't know about that anymore. *I would find a financial advisor for sure if it ever did happen*

I look at people in the media who supposedly 'have it all' and look where it gets them. There are few and far between who have handled their fame and done it justice. Just because you are a super-star does not mean you want the lime light. Yes you should do a red carpet now and the, but that doe snot mean I want cameras following me into the local deli to see what kind of mustard I use on my pastrami sandwich.

But there are a few who seem to thrive on it (the spotlight that is) and then when it becomes to much they back away, giving more credence to their being an enigma. Well as my mother use to say, 'Don't dance if you can't pay the fiddler.' And you know what, she is right.

Why even pick a career that is its main objective to put you in the spot light but then turn your back on it. Don't get me wrong I know people are entitled to their privacy and I will be the first to admit that I like mine, here in Average Joe land. My sister is a perfect example. She has people in her home all-the-time. I don't know about you but I like a quite night at home with a movie and a bowl of popcorn.

But these super stars, what are they to do? Soak up the lime light? Live in it and then cringe every time someone decides they want to have their baby, or write letters every single day. I bet the list is extensive as to what these people go through. But when do they draw the line? How many festivities do they attend per year? If any. Only thee Oscars, or should we throw in the Grammy's. And do we have the right, as the people who got them there, to want to see them outside their profession.

I don't particularly need to see Farrah or Michael at some Red Carpet so some schlep can tear apart what they wear. they are movie stars...who cares?

I genuinely feel for those who have reached the top only to be brought down, snuffed out to early. Here are just but a few who have Gone Too Soon:

Elvis Presley
Judy Garland
Michael Jackson
River Phoenix
John Ritter
Brandon Lee
Bruce Lee
Heath Ledger
James Dean
John Belushi
Bob Marley
Jimi Hendrix
Kurt Cobain
Janis Joplin
Andy Kaufman
Princess Diana
Freddy Mercury
Freddy Prince
Bernie Mac

The list is endless. And they they leave us is just as diverse. Those who had not finished what there were put here to do. So when you feet hit the floor every morning, be grateful they did.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blow Me A Kiss

It must be one of every parents dreams come true to see their child walk across the stage and accept their diploma, but not for some students and parents, especially one school and family in particular in Maine.

When I volunteered in the public school system, I did many a thing. I laminated cut-outs for the teachers, dusted off bags of books with cassette tapes, checked in books back in the library. In fact the library was where I usually ended up at. But on rare occasions I was with some students one on one, again, usually with something to do with reading.

And every year we had an orientation that reminded us of the rules. Do this, don't do that. And the one that always stuck out in my mind (and the one I usually ignored) was the one that said you cannot touch any student. OK, I get what they were pointing to, but you cold not hug them, greet them, you got to do nada, zip, zilch. Those kids faces lit up when they saw you. They would com barrelling down the hallway and nearly try to slam you over, but whoa!, you could not even acknowledge them, what-so-ever.

Another reason I LOVE home schooling. When my kids greet me at any function, I open my arms and look forward to their embrace, for they want it as much as I do.

The power of human touch.

I think it is a fundamental necessity. I am not saying that folks need to be fondling all over themselves, but to deny a basic human instinct? What is that crap? There is nothing more rewarding then for me to give and or receive a big bear hug. I prefer that to kisses.

I know many a society that gives those fake air kisses on the cheek, and I have been giving them to my in-laws for years. Can't stand that. I see them all the time. My mother-in law, finally got it, for I told her and she now does not expect me to kiss her every single time. But throw me a hug, and you are my friend for life.

But on this particular day in Maine as one student was crossing the stage to accept his diploma, he turned to his family and blew them a kiss. Well the principal decided that showing affection to his family was inappropriate and denied him his diploma...right there in front of thee entire class and assembly. What kind of nut job does that? One who has issues, obviously. Is there a Doctor Phil in the house?

Who would deny such a thing? And this is not the first time I have heard of this type of thing. What has society come to? Are we so paranoid that we need to stop human contact? I myself do not want to live in such a world. So the next time you are in need of a hug, please do not hesitate to give one to whomever you feel may need one.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Save Our Landfills

I am concerned about our Mother...Mother Earth that is. And I am doing everything in my power to see to it that she stays healthy. If she were to come to me on my death bed ask what I did for her, I have a list. So I feel confident that I am doing all I possibly can to keep her at her best.

And one way of doing that is by keeping unwanted items out of the landfills. I have found a way to help us all out. Join Free Cycle. Think of it as an on line sort of garage sale, minus the money exchange. You are there to offer items you no longer want, or are replacing. For instance:

Offer: Working, automatic drip coffee maker with a bit of the protective layer coming off on the warmer
Offer: Women's clothes, size 8-10
Wanted: Box of pencils
Wanted: Cloth napkins

You see where I am coming from. What you no longer want is what someone else is in need of. Trust me, I have already gotten rid of 2 five gallon painter style buckets so someone could make their own tomato planters. And my husband just cleaned out his closet for he has lost 25 pounds and needed to lighten the load in his closet. So why not help out a fellow man/woman.

I put these items on the Yahoo Group I belong to for my part of town and they were snatched up within 24 hours. So go check them out and see what they have to offer you. If I may make a suggestion. If you do join a Yahoo Group, sign up for the daily digest for if not you 'will' be bombarded with anywhere from 10-3- Emails per joke. And I am guessing bigger cities it could be way worse.

I love this new found way of exchanging items and helping out where we can. Try them and see what you think.