Friday, July 31, 2009

The Most Unthinkable Act

I am not thee most forgiving person. I think people should be held accountable for their actions, no matter their age, sex, race or creed. I admit that I think the punishment should fit the crime. But there are somethings that you just can't erase with any penalty. The act I am speaking of is child pornography.

Just the thought of it makes my skin crawl. And here in Florida we seem to be surrounded by them. They are everywhere. In the world of sexual pleasures, I think whatever makes you feel good then do it. But not to children. There is a line that NO ONE should cross.

On thee Oprah show today, that had a task force investigating homes that had been downloading child pornography for a few weeks. The law enforcement agency believed that this was the main man. But it wasn't. It was the son, who was barely 18. And thee acts that could be described on television made my want to throw something at the television.

And what's worse is that the law enforcement has no clue where these children are. Are they children that have been kidnapped (this is my husbands theory) and kept just for this disgusting act? Who knows. Do these children ever escape? And if so are they able to lead normal lives? And were are they? Could they be at your next door neighbors home in the basement being filmed? Again the thought makes me sick.

I saw Judge Judy (TV Show) being interviewed by Larry King a while back. And the one thing that she and I agreed on is that sexual predators/molesters/child porn distributors or watchers or participators are not rehabilitatable(sp?). they are so sick that there is no coming back form where they are.

My thought is take them out back with the dog the way they use to back in the day and put them and the dog out of their misery.

Then here comes thee icing on the cake. When they get caught, they get representation, because that is our system. Get found guilty and get to sit in an air conditioned room for the rest of their lives. They get medical treatment, three meals a day and some poor schlep called a journalist has the nerve to call them Mister (insert name). Mister is handed out to those who have earned some respect. These folks should be wiped off the face of thee earth.

Call me harsh, call me cruel, but I have not empathy or sympathy for those who do what these people do to our children. Children deserve better, children deserve a voice.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Is My Hair Spikey?

Out of the mouth of babes. Just when you think you have heard it all, a youngin' comes along and reminds you you ain't heard it all.

My daughter came to me with this story that someone had told her.

There was a young boy who was in his own home and come out of the bathroom. Upon exiting said bathroom, he found an older sibling and asked that sibling very matter-of-factly, "Is my hair spikey?"

Thee older sibling informed the younger brother that in fact his hair was not spikey and that it wouldn't be due to the fact that he had a buzz cut and there was no way he could get his hair to spike. The older sibling then wanted to know why he had asked such a question. Wait for it.

The younger sibling then told thee older one that, "Well, I pushed a little too hard when I was in the bathroom and my hair stood up on end so I thought I had spikey hair."

Oh what our bodies can do to us. And maybe this is only a story a mother can appreciate. And I thought that might be the case, except that every time my daughter tries to tell or hears of it being told, it still cracks her up.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Never Retire

Take it from a legendary like Stan Lee. N-E-V-E-R RETIRE!

I have always said if my husband ever retires, I will go back to work full time. I swear it I will. And I will tell you why. Because my husband has no hobbies to occupy his spare time. The gym does not count as a hobby. He has no outside interest to keep him busy away from me.

I see it happen all the time. One if not both person in a marriage retire and drive thee other one crazy. Why is that? Well because for the last 30-40 some odd years your life and time has been spent at work, away from said spouse. Then when you have all this time on your hand,s you have no blinking clue what to do with your self. You never took the time to find interest in something other than the TV or computer.

Pick up a local PennySaver style magazine and you will see that there are tons of groups, organizations, clubs to join or how about this...volunteer for. How can you expect to get something, anything if you don't give to your community. I love volunteering. My husband still turns his nose up at it, but I am slowly changing his mind about giving before receiving. You can't keep looking for a handout if you are not willing to first lend a hand.

There are a few adages that fit that as well. What goes around comes around. Give someone the shirt off your back. Charity begins at home. I could scour my book of idioms, but you get my drift. But sitting home and collecting dust is not my idea of going through my Golden Years. I want to keep going until I can't go any longer.

So find something that piques your interest. And surfing the web, or watching all your favorite shows on DVD does not qualify as a hobby. Get off your backsides and be active in the community. It will pay off in the end.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Where's My Magic Pill?

Maybe it's the generation gap, or the not wanting to believe what is happening, or taking responsibility for your actions, or you have been brainwashed for so many years into believing that the more medication you take the better off you will be. Not true!

Case in point, my father-in-law.

He has eaten his entire life, the Standard Cuban Diet. Which for the most part contains not one iota of vegetables. Unless you consider pale green iceberg lettuce, and super pink tomatoes a salad, as they are slathered in olive oil and doused with salt. My idea of even a salad differs greatly from their idea of a salad. I take it back. They to put some chunks of squash in their beans along side the park fat, so in my opinion that kind of cancels one another out.

They eat tons of fried food, and meat is at every-single-meal. That is not an option. I did purchase a turkey this last Thanksgiving, but I will not this year. We just don't eat it quick enough to make it worth our while.

And a lot of their meat is fried as well. And she uses lard to fry in, unless my son is over then she uses vegetable oil. But here is the kicker. My father-in-law had a few small heart attacks about 20 years ago, but recovered fine. Then just a few years ago, he had a few mini-strokes. But now his cholesterol is off the chart. And I mean dangerously high. So he was put on medication to lower his no avail. It just keeps on climbing.

So the doctor has either added a new medication or upped what he is on now. But they do not think this will fix the problem. And of course the first course of action the doctor tells him to do is change his diet. "No Way!" My father-in-laws thinking is that he has made it to 7o something, he is not going to change the way he eats now. Well, then you have no right to complain. If you are not willing to go through the changes necessary for anything in your life, whether it be food, alcohol, drugs, gambling, then stop complaining.

Oh, I just went up a pant size (after downing 2 plates of ribs)
My head is pounding (After a night of heavy drinking)
Can you bail me out of jail (After stealing checks from you mother to pay for your dope)
I can't scrounge up the money to pay my light bill (After blowing your paycheck at the race track)

This goes on for each set of circumstances. Now most of those examples are addictions, but those things we can definitely live without. Food is something we need to live, or, as we all know, we will die if we do not eat.

My husband has yo-yo dieted all his life. Trying to find 'that' fix. the one true 'diet' that will make him see the light. Well he finally has seen the light, and you know what it was? He isn't dieting. Yep, not one little bit. He just eats, and eats whatever the heck he wants. He makes absolutely no restrictions on himself in any way, shape of form. What did he discover? Is that you don't have to diet if you eat REAL food. We don't eat drive thru...ever! We rarely if ever eat out, for I don't know what goes into their food. I know what goes into mine. He does not exercise. Heavy amounts of cardio. But it wasn't until recently that it hit him, that he makes no restrictions on himself. And all I did was shake my head and told him I had been telling him that for years. I myself have never dieted. Do I fit the medical charts? Doubt it. In fact, if I go by the charts, I am 20 pounds overweight. I think not. I eat extremely well, get plenty of exercise, good sleep, and drink lots of water. And I can say that I am medication free and hope to be for the rest of my life.

Granted, I know medications are there for a purpose, but they should not be a crutch, an easy out. 'If I take this pill, my problems will all go away.' Nope. Because then pill 'A' gives you a side effect. So you go to your doctor and they give you pill 'B'. But wait a minute, pill 'B' gives you a new side effect. And the treadmill begins. When all you had to do was right yourself. Lose the crap that got you where you are now...dependant on the drug companies. I refuse to get sucked into the garbage they are trying to sell you.

Most doctors should be trying to heal/fix you. But all they are doing is making you more dependant on them with more medication. Why heal you, that would dwindle their business. I want to be more proactive with my health and not end up like my parents and father-in-law who carry around miniature suitcases (that is no lie) of their medications. And both my parents and father-in-law have computer papers filled with all the medications they take for any new doctor. How crazy is that? It's wrong I tell you.

All I am saying is that you can do whatever you want, for the most part, if you want it bad enough. Don't sit by on the sidelines and let life pass you by because of your health. That is the one thing you can control, save accidents and major illnesses (Don't get me started on that either). You can do it. It's not as difficult as you might think. Just ask my husband.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Side Of Truth

Do you know where your meat comes from? And do you even care?

I am not trying to convert anyone to vegetarianism. But no one can deny that letting go of at least some meat would do the body good. My daughters best friend tried to go meatless a while back just for one day and she couldn't do it...what does that say about us.

First off, we are led to believe that we 'need' animal protein in order to get stronger. 'NOT'
Secondly, we are told that if we do not consume dairy products that we will develop osteoporosis.'NOT'

It is nothing short of brainwashing to get you to buy their products. You notice I did not call it food. Trust me when I tell you anything that comes in a Styrofoam box and you can get delivered through your car window is not food. It is edible food like substance. And if you don't have thee ingredients on the container in your cupboard, then why are you eating them?

It's big business to sell you 'stuff' that resembles food, or things that you have called food your entire life. But this is not food. Or at least the the food your great grand mother knew as food. What would she say and do if she came back and saw us eating this way. She would kick our backsides all the way to the fresh market and not leave until we purchased fresh fruit and vegetables and if you chose to eat meat, you went to the butcher and got it from him, not the local drive-thru.

Think long and hard if this is the stuff you want floating around and 'staying' in your gut. I know I don't. I care what goes into my body, so should you.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's My Life

I am the one in control.
I am the one who says what I can and cannot do. (To a degree)
I am the one says how I feel. (Emotionally and physically)
I am the one who says what medications I take (Refer back to previous statement)

All these things, for the most part are within my power. Now I get the fact that some things are not in my control, like who voices Mickey Mouse. Nah, just kidding. Like when I dislocated my knee and needed morphine to dull the pain. Duh, hello, a necessity. But once I healed the pain meds were gone. A few days at best. I know people who thrive and actually look forward to the dulling sensation brought on by muscle relaxers and the such. To what end. In that moment when you are carried away by the effects of the medication friend are no longer in control. And for those who do not like the feeling of not being in control, why would you look forward to that sensation. Do not get me wrong, I know some things are a necessity, but for how long? Days, weeks, months. Please. Get yourself righted and watch how fast you no longer need those mood enhancers to make you feel better.

I also have the ability to control what goes into my moth and eventually throughout my body. There is a show played on BBC, 'You Are What You Eat.' Truer words were never spoken. And what amazes me, is that when people are confronted in a very in your face kind of mentality, they still do not think that is what they consume. What planet are you on folks. And if you think you are eating food, the think again. There are certain things we should all be doing in respect to our food choices. And here are 12 Food Commandments to live by. Try them all or one at a time. But common sense will tell you this is the way to eat...duh!?

How I feel. There is a adage that Elanor Roosevelt made popular. 'No one makes you feel inferior without your consent.' I am a very confident person, but I would hope I would not allow anyone to break me down. To what end? If what they are saying is untrue then they need to be told. If what they are saying is true and is something that offends me, but is something I want to change in my life, can they be faulted for pointing out thee obvious? I think not.

We all have thee ability to shape, mold, forge my life, and moreso the way I want it, not the way anyone else thinks my life should be. you pay my bills then I have to listen to you, but until that day, sit back, relax and watch me get myself together.

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Sorry

What is it now. Why is it that celebrities feel the need to make public apologies. Anywhere form Michael Vick to Chris Brown, to name a few (And only because they are the headlines today), but trust me, the list goes on.

"I'm ashamed of what I did."

"I regret doing what I did."

"I don't know what I was thinking."

"I wish I had done things differently."

Blah blah blah blah blah. Waa Waaa Waa Waa Waa.

Where was all that wisdom before these guys did their horrific acts of violence. And why do they feel the need to make their apologies public. Do they think it will boost their popularity, bring them back in the good graces of those who know them for what they really are....losers.

My heart does not bleed, break or feel anything for these guys (and I am not just referring to Michael Vick and Chris Brown). they made their beds, now they need to lie in them. And if that means losing an NFL career, the so be it. And if Chris Brown's record sales plummet, then oh well...his bad.

But they deserve a second chance, don't they?...Some may ask. I am not one for second chances, especially when these people are 'supposedly', educated folks (not if you go by how they speak). Did the dogs Vick abused get a second chance? I think not. Did Rhianna get a second chance to duck out of Chris' line of fire? I think not. That is how I feel about second chances.

I just don't think Suzy Homemaker gives a rats backside if Joe Spotlight publicly apologises. He is still going to be an idiot and I will still have to take my son to work, wash dishes, make bread and do all my other things. Or how about this. Every time I flub up my life. I will go on my Youtube account and tell the world I am sorry for not calling the light company, or that I overdrew our account, or that I forgot to make the deposit. You get my meaning. But would anybody listen to my apologises? Nope!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yes, It's That Bad

I had an excuse for nearly a year. I was recovering from major spinal surgery. Now that I am ready to get back into the work force, there is not a work force to get back into. I went through unemployment and was entitled to a measly $98 a week. That's not even groceries, but I get it, it is based an what you earned previously. With that said, I went about applying to different laces that fit my personality. Whack and in the public's eye. Sit behind a desk or in a cubicle...just shoot me. But I finally got hired by a demonstration company that is basically the middle man between Company 'A' and Walmart. I just hand out said product for Company 'A'.

But once I got hired I did not receive the hours that were promised me. My manager kept blowing smoke up my skirt but those lowly one day a week hours were not paying the bills. I was never looking for full time, for I love being a home maker. But for right now, I need to help out and get our finances righted. That should take a good 2-3 years. then we will see if I can take it easy and concentrate on my home again. But until that time arrives, the daily grind is my new best friend.

Once I realized that the hours would not be flowing in my direction, my husband said I needed to keep applying to different companies, keeping the job I had until something better came along. So I did just that. I set out filling out more applications to places I would best be suited. But in thee interim I told a dear friend to keep her ear to the ground for any job she may hear about. She informed me that a friend of hers worked for a high profile deli meat company and that he was hiring. She informed me should get in touch with him and see what the deal was. She did and he was not hiring. Not to worry I said, just keep me in mind.

Well about the beginning of July I get a call from my friend and she said the Deli man was now hiring, to give him a call. It was late and I do not like to cut in on peoples time when they are at home, unless it is a necessity. I got in touch with Deli man the next day and I had myself a job, but I would not be officially hired until mid-August. If that was all right with me, I had a job. I could wait, I would just hold on to my piddly little one day a week job until that time.

Well, I had forgotten I had filled out applications in between the time Deli man called and the time I knew I had to get a better paying job. So when I saw there was a call from one of the places I applied to, I kind of got nervous. Hubby said call Deli man to make 100% sure you had a job and explain to him why you were calling. Again assured me I had a job, but the paperwork would not take place until the date we had agreed upon. Whew!

I will be working for a reputable company and getting decent hours. It will not interfere with my homeschooling cooking class, so all is right as rain. But do not be fooled by my optimism, thee economy is still on the downside and looking grimmer all the time. That is why I may not truly want to promote meat (being a vegetarian and all) but it is a job. And until something comes along that is more fitting to my lifestyle, this where my buttocks will be parked.

But here are 9 signs that our economy is not doing as well as we are being led to believe:

One. June's total included 185,000 people who were assumed to be at work, many of whom probably were not. The government could not identify them; it made an assumption about trends. But many of the mythical jobs are in industries that have absolutely no job creation: finance, for example. When the official numbers are adjusted over the next several months, look to some of the 185,000 boosting the unemployment totals.

Two. More companies are asking employees to take unpaid leave. These people don't count on the unemployment roll.

Three. No fewer than 1.4 million people wanted or were available for work in the past 12 months. They were not counted. Why? Because they hadn't searched for work in the four weeks preceding the survey. The assumption is that they had found work or don't want it, but there are other explanations: school attendance, family responsibilities, sheer exhaustion.

Four. The number of workers taking part-time jobs because of the slack economy, a kind of stealth underemployment, has doubled in this recession to about 9 million, or 5.8 percent of the workforce. Add those whose hours have been cut to those who cannot find a full-time job, and the total of unemployed and underemployed rises to 16.5 percent, putting the number of involuntarily idle workers in the range of an overwhelming 25 million.

Five. The inside numbers are just as bad. The average workweek for production and non supervisory private-sector employees, around 80 percent of the workforce, dropped to 33 hours. That's 48 minutes a week less than before the recession began, the lowest level of activity since the government began tracking such data 45 years ago. Full-time workers are being downgraded to part time as businesses slash labor costs to remain above water and factories operate at only 65 percent of capacity. If American workers were still putting in those extra 48 minutes a week now, 3.3 million fewer employees could perform the same aggregate amount of work. With a longer workweek, the unemployment rate would reach 11.7 percent, not the official 9.5 percent (which in turn dramatically exceeds the 8 percent rate projected by the Obama administration).

Six. The average length of official unemployment increased to 24.5 weeks. This is the longest term since the government started to track these data in 1948. The number of long-term unemployed (those out of a job for 27 weeks or more) has now jumped to 4.4 million, an all-time high.

Seven. The average worker saw no wage gains in June, with average compensation running flat at $18.53 an hour.

Eight. The jobs report is even uglier when you consider that the sector producing goods is losing the most jobs--223,000 in the last report alone.

Nine. The prospects for job creation are equally distressing. The likelihood is that when economic activity picks up, employers will first choose to increase hours for existing workers and bring part-time workers to full-time status.

I hope everyone is doing well and not struggling like we are. I am a happy person, and my personal life could not be any better, even with our financial disarray, but I look forward to the day that I am not borrowing, every single month half of my mortgage from my in-laws, just to keep a roof over my head.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Story of Stuff

For those of you who have been around a little longer than others, your first thought when you hear the word 'stuff' is George Carlin. And truth be told, you are not too far off base. I got to see George Carlin in concert over 20 years ago when he had cleaned up his act. And I was glad we saw him then. Yes there was swearing, but it was kept to a minimum. And guess what, his 'stuff' was still funny.

Take a look at George Carlin's take on Stuff. There is some mild profanity. So if you still want to take a gander, tell the kiddies to go elsewhere.

Carlin's Stuff

Yes, he makes it seem oh so funny. But there is a down side to stuff. And I for one am ready to rid my life of my 'stuff' that I am not using. I have blogged about Free Cycle before and love it. Do I use it all the time? No. But it is there for me to use if necessary. One of the main objectives to Free cycle is to keep things out of our landfills. And I for one on that bandwagon. I love this new word I am discovering and how it can apply to my life. When I am dead and gone, what will people say about me? To me, at least, it is very important. I want people to say, even if they think I am whack about it, that I did everything I could to help Mother Earth be a bit healthier. Even though those greedy capitalists think I should have a new computer every six months.

I want to make life simpler, not have to sit and look at 'stuff' I have and that doesn't get used. Save for seasonal holiday 'stuff' I want to rid my life of 'stuff' that is sitting here, in my home taking up space. And it's not that I want to get rid of it to bring in new 'stuff', it's just that I don't want it around any longer.

I look at my parent's for example and their 'stuff' has 'stuff'. That can't be good. And I remember a long time ago that someone once told me that if you have not used something in a years time, then you obviously don't need it. And I will give that person that, but there are some exceptions to that rule. Emergency items, like a generator, especially if you live in Hurricane Central, and items that would lend assistance in an emergency. For each region of our country it would be something different. But we all know what our emergency necessities are and I will leave it at that.

The kind of stuff I am referring to is the stuff (and I sat in my TV room as I bring up this point) is the stuff me purchase and then let fall by the wayside, in a manner of speaking. I have a pretty set number of CD's I listen to. Let's use the number 25 as an example. I have a CD carrying case in my vehicle and I rotate those same tried and true CD's. I cannot remember the last time I purchased a new CD and I am all right with that. For why should I by more stuff, just to say I have more stuff? Do you think the person I am conversing with is really, truly impressed that I got the latest CD. DVD , computer, kitchen gadget...? No, they are not. They are most more than likely annoyed at the fact that I feel thee undesirable need to shove it in their face every chance I get, so why bother.

So, in looking at my entertainment set (And reading my borrowed Ishmael book) I knew right then, that I wanted to make it a top priority to rid my home, and moreso, my life of 'stuff', also known as clutter.

To see the dynamics of what stuff is doing to us and our planet, please take a look at this short video. It is about 20 minutes or so, but well worth the watch. I've only had in my bookmarks for about a year. And whilst deleting websites I knew I did not or would not visit, I thought it appropriate to finally take a see what this woman, Annie Leonard had to say about stuff. She makes the viewing worth your while. It is semi-animated, but she does not talk to you like you are a child. And for the most part, these were things I knew about but needed a gentle reminder and a less gentle nudging to get off my backside and make a difference.

I am not looking to change, the world. All right, yes I am, but I can only do so much and I am fine with that. But there is a saying that keeps coming back in many references I speak about lately and it goes like this, "How does and ant eat an elephant?...One bite at a time."

The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We Can... But Should We?

This is also my 100th post. Hooray!

There are times when I shake my head. And I wonder if it is because I am getting older or that the news that is making me shake my head is that outlandish. Maybe a bit of both. I recently read an article that reminded me that our food is not what it appears to be.

Did you know that 60-70% of all corn and cotton has been modified and that 90% of all soybeans have been modified as well. Read the article Here . What are we doing to our food people? And why are we letting it happen? You want to know why. Because most of us are fooled into thinking that what we it is natural. And for the most part it is, but this proves us wrong.

Why do wacko scientists feel the need to push things that far. Just because they can? I find that a rape of the natural world. Just because we have the knowledge, does not mean we should use it. That is how problems begin. Take the H bomb for instance. The man who invented that regretted the minute he did it. So, again I ask, why do we do what we do in the world of science.

And hybrids! Unless you are talking about a car, it should not be done...end of discussion. And what is ti with scientists and fiddling with species. Whether it be animals, plants, DNA or anything else man has manipulated. I found this I get it that they are both from the equine species. So just because I am the same Geno as a chimpanzee does not mean I want our DNA spliced with it, just to see if it can be done.

Where does it end? We already are cloning. I mean we have Dolly the lovely sheep. And couldn't cloning head in the direction of a race or slaves. Sounds far fetched, but think about it. We clone the best of the best to do whatever it is we need done, without a care tho who or what they are, what is that saying about us as humans? Not much in my book.