Monday, May 2, 2011

It's The Humane Thing To Do

Well another one has gone down. Yes dear friends, one of my friends has had to take her dog to the vets and put her dog down. Why you may ask? Who knows, and who cares? that last reference was not meant to be a callous one. Oh contrare. It was meant as a measuring stick for how we treat our pets and why we don't give ourselves the same thought process.

A few years back our little mutt got extremely ill from some flame retardant she got hold of, unbeknownst to us. With that said, her entire digestive tract was being destroyed. And shortly after her ingesting this chemical we had to put her to sleep. It tore us apart for weeks to come, but we knew in our hearts that she was better off. Why you may ask, well there are a couple of reasons. 1) She no longer had to suffer(for she already had a week of discomfort. 2) She could have had surgery, but the vet could not guarantee her being better after a very expensive surgery.

Why can't we have that same option for our human loved ones? Why do we feel the need to keep them alive if they are living vegetables. Or better yet, why can't our final wishes be observed and take it a step further past a DNR(Do Not Resuscitate) and let us say when our end should come.

This may come off as a backing for suicide, which it isn't, and which I am not 100% against either. Why shouldn't we be allowed to choose when we leave this place called home. We definitely do not have a say in when we arrive, it is the least we can do to give us the choice as to when we depart.

There was a very touching Star Trek episode(The Captain Picard series) called, 'Half a Life'. To this day, it is still one of my most favorite episodes. It is about a race that takes their own lives at the age of 60, leaving life to the young.

Take a look here: Half a Life Clip

I can see both sides to the argument they were having. But in the end, should we all not have the right to end our lives when we still have some dignity left and not be kept around while some attendant is wiping our backside. How cruel is that? I know that when I am no longer a productive member of society, then I no longer want to take up space. I am but just a tiny blip in the big scheme of things. That is not to say I feel my life is not worth anything. Just thee opposite. I know in my heart of hearts I am making a huge difference in the lives of the people I come in contact with. You may also think that is an arrogant, pompous way of thinking of ones self, but I disagree.

I see thee effect I have on people when I tell them about a better way of eating. I love it when my AVON customers get their bags and they get their products. The list goes on. But when I can no longer have an effect on peoples lives, then I am done here and the baton should be passed on. I know how I will be talked about when I am dead and gone, and I am AOK with that. That is not arrogance, that is self-confidence, that is being confident in the fact that you love what you do and are good at that very same thing you love.

You cannot hide true passion about life. The rest is just gravy. But when that ability is no longer available to me, then it is time to turn off the light. I just hope beyond all hope that when my time comes, that there will be a Dr. Kavorkian on my side, helping me to transition to a more peaceful place, or that new laws will be in place for me to take the necessary step to pass on, and maybe even with a few friends with me holding my hands while I pass on.

Death should not be something feared, but embraced. It is just a natural step in the cycle of life. But to tell me I do not have the right to say when that should end, well that is just wrong. It should be my fundamental right for me have that choice. Who are you/they to tell me how run or end my life? It is my life, not yours...or theirs.