Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Quit Whining

My head hurts, there's nothing to pack for lunch, traffic was a terror, the dog had an accident on the new white carpet, I burned the rice for dinner (OK, maybe not in my home), thee Internet was down all day, it rained, I missed the bus, they were out of that item, and this is just the tip of thee iceberg. I could sit here and rattle of oodles of excuses, as lame as they are.

We complain about the simplest thing and don't give a care as to how childish we sound. There is an adage I go by, "There is always someone worse off than you." Truer words were never spoken. But that does not seem to change our whining little attitudes. It's all about us and what we are going through. Guess what, It's Not All About You." There is more to life than incessant complaining. So get over it, and we are tired of hearing about it as well. So move on.

But if you keep whining, you might want to think of this guy and then sit back and wonder if all your whining is worth it.

Get Back Up


Orlando Realtor said...

Thanks for the post. I personally have decided that 2009 is going to be the year to make things happen!

Lonely Heart said...

So true. We complain about everything, and we don't even care if there is someone more worse off than we are. I'm not going to lie, I struggle with this a lot. I guess I need a lesson in being thankful.

Great post.

Maria Rose said...

My husband and I have been working so hard to appreciate what we DO have instead of focusing on the negative. Your post is right in line with that.