Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Excuses, Excuses

How many ways can you think of making an excuse for what you need to do in your life? Here, let me help you out on this one:

1) I'm too busy

2) I'm too old

3) I'm too fat

4) I'm too scared

5) I'm to scared it will take too long

6) It's going to be too difficult

That is just the tip of thee iceberg for many of us who procrastinate on doing things that either we want to do or need to do. I am guilty as the next person. I have been needing to organize my paper piles for weeks, but there they still sit. And yet I seem to find time to watch an hour of recorded TV. So where's my excuse? There isn't any. It is just my own laziness. And I have no problem admitting it. But for more of us then we carry to admit, we seem to find excuses. And 9 times out of 10 they all have a negative angle to them...imagine that.

What we need to do and not all at once, is find out what it is in our lives that we want to tackle first. Is that letter writing we want to get started. Fine, then write a list of who you want to write to and when that letter is gone, cross them off your list. There is nothing more rewarding that to see your to do list grow shorter and shorter.

Maybe it's start your new eating lifestyle. Well then, tackle one aspect of your eating habits that ticks you off and work on that one fault, the others will follow. Most people cannot jump right in with both feet. Find what works for you and take it one step at a time.

You want to add exercise to your daily routine, then do it. Walk to thee end of the block. Laugh if you will but that may be allot for many folks. Once that becomes easy then add more as your body tells you. Listen to yourself and your body, you are your own best advocate.

Thee excuses you see printed up in the beginning of the post were from Wayne Dyers new book and I found an interview in the Natural Awakenings magazine that I get from my local health food store. He tackles so many issues in just this tiny blurb that I am enticed to go to the library and check out the book.

I love anything that will guide me in a direction to better myself. And we all could use improvement, but are we willing to admit it?

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