Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where's The Fire?

We will all get old...hopefully. With that said, I wonder why people are not more patient with seniors. Yes, I know some of them can be a bit cranky and others just down right pissed off at the world. I know those people are not happy with their lives and feel the need to bring everyone else into their miserable little world. But those people are not the ones I will be referring to.

I recently took my daughter to work, where more than a few seniors come to shop. I have always been a patient person to those with babies and seniors. For I know that one day, hopefully, I too will be old. And I can only hope that someone will be patient with me.

I am also a firm believer in positive thinking and that you will only get back in life what you give. So for those who say, "It's just our luck." Not true. There are no coincidences. You get what you give. And one of my most favorites is, What Goes Around...Comes Around. Now that may come off as a little vengeful, as my daughter so eagerly pointed out. And that may very well be true. But what most folks don't get is that when something goes wrong, you are thee only one who can rectify that situation. Do not sit and blame everyone and their mother on your little miseries. No one wants to hear your whining and no one, for the most part, gives a rats backside.

With that said, let me get back to the incident that got me to put this post up. I was sitting at a 2-way stop and letting my daughter out of the car to get into work. There was an elderly woman trying to cross in front of me to get to the parking lot to get to her car. Fifteen extra seconds of me letting her pass by was not going to make that big a difference. So I waved her to pass in front of my car.

There was another car facing me at the opposing stop sign. He was visibly in a hurry. Even thought I had arrived at the stop sing first and had the right of way, he was already inching up to move through the stop sign. the elderly woman, who had a noticeable limp was doing the best that she could to get across the walkway. But this man was in a Harry Hurry. And as he inched up closer to her, and passing my vehicle, he begin to swear obscenities to her under his breath. But due to the fact that both his window and mine were rolled down, I got a whiff of what he said .

Where was his fire? Where did he have to be that 15 seconds would have effected his getting there. I mean really. Are people that so wrapped up in their lives that they cannot slow down for just a few seconds? Obviously not in this mans case. I just want people to sit and think how we treat others that are not as able bodies as we are. And I mean that literally. I see seniors all the time that have difficulty getting around or even physically handicapped people and it never ceases to amaze me just how insensitive people can be. I mean do you really thing that a mentally/physically handicapped person woke up and thought of ways to tick off the general population? I think not. And yet I see it more often then I care to admit, that many a folk who want these people moved or removed out of their way. Sad.

I think if Rod Serling could take folks like that (thee impatient ones or intolerable ones) and just set them into a situation they are perpetuating, they may see things a bit differently. If only for an hour, day in the life of someone you have no patience for, just to see how it is like in their world. then maybe we would have a more passive human race.


Bill Cooney said...

Good post. I deliver flowers for my part-time job, and I see stuff like what you pointed out a lot.

I think you're right. These are not just aggressive drivers, they are aggressive people.

I recently pulled over in a quiet neighborhood to check out my map, and I parked partially behind a driveway. When the homeowner came out to leave, he honked his horny for like 15 seconds, and yelled at me that it was "illegal" to block someone's driveway. I was so unnerved by his crazy honking and making a federal crime out of something he could have just gently done to get my attention, I rolled down my window and said to him, "Oh just calm the f--- down."

And with the store number plastered all over the side of the van, I beat him to the punch and said to him, "The number's right there. Call my boss and tell him what a jerk you are."

Sure enough he called my boss, and needless to say—according to him—I was the insane one. I told my boss I wasn't even going to dignify that man's complaint by defending myself. "After two years you know what kind of person, and driver, I am. That's all I'm going to say."

Anyway, back to your point. We are going to be those elderly people some day, which is precisely what I tell myself whenever I see an older person slowly making there way through the streets.

Aggression—not a pretty quality!

Bill Cooney said...

...slowly making their way through the streets...

Such a gaffe!

sunshineperri said...

Great post and I wish there was a way that guy could read it.
I wish we could make the twilight zone real and have him trade places with her!!!

Anonymous said...

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