Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Die With A "T"

I have never ever dieted in my life. And I hope never to either. I do not understand how people feel the need to diet. Why not just eat right in the first place and all would be right in the world. Do not misunderstand me. I know it can be difficult to pass some things up, but I have never deprived myself in the food world, what-so-ever. If I am in the mood for a slice of cheesecake then I have it, I just do not eat 4-5 slices. I have never portioned my food, I just stop when I am full. I love what I cook because I cook what I love.

I was just telling my daughter that I think, and there is no evidence to support this, that if people ate a balanced diet (And a trip through the drive-thru does not count), then maybe, just maybe they would not crave the things that got them in an unhealthy state.

I watch people I know who are supposedly watching what they eat and trust me when I tell you they have it all wrong. They are putting microwaved, ultra-processed, high-fat, low in nutrition, if not nutritionally void food into their bodies and then wonder why they are in the shape they are in. Is anyone seeing a correlation here? Why do people keep doing what they know is harmful to their bodies?

I am not a smoker, never have been (unless you count the summer in 8th grade when I realized how flipping stupid it was to wantonly smell like an ashtray). And I drink in super-moderation and my children have seen this happen over their lifetime. We enjoy life as best as our pocketbooks will allow and do not regret a thing. I just want people to see what it is they are doing to themselves. Wake up people, get a clue. You only have one life. Why not live it to its fullest. My heart aches for people who have habits they cannot break. I do not understand that type of mentality.

And yet I hear it all the time that they do not have a choice, they do not choose to be in the condition they are in. Well I have an argument for that. I have MS and my son is autistic, "we" did not choose our illnesses. But many people choose to eat a second helping of whatever, have enough booze to get them to the point they barely remember what took place the night before, and many of them drove somewhere, or that they had to have that next fix. All those people chose to do that to themselves. My son and me did not.

Get the help, it is out there. But do not sit there and tell me you choose not to be that way. I never chose to have MS and my son certainly did not choose to be autistic. This is now turning into a rant and I did not want this. I just want people to see and know that they can make a difference, and the changes may not take place overnight. You did not get in the predicament you are in overnight it will not be fixed with a magic wand. It will be hard work, but think of the rewards at thee end of the rainbow, you can make your own pot of gold.


Glass Mannequin said...

Well, I have a rare problem. I eat and eat and eat and never gain any weight.

And Red, I'm so sorry to hear about you and your son.


P.S. I've missed your condescending comments on my attitude towards girls, work, and life in general.

Miss. Maddie said...

wow that was a good post.
Miss hearing frorm you...

**Miss. Maddie**

Tara B. said...

As usual, another great post!

Very few people today want to take responsibilty for their problems, whether it is a weight issue, addiction issues, poor living, legal what ever. Nothing is never anybodies fault and if you have to do more than take a pill to fix it, it ain't gonna get fixed!

It's just the world and society we live in today. Sad.

William Cooney said...

If I may: More often than not there is an unfortunate confluence of difficult circumstances that have much to do with the things you speak of. Just ask Tara B. if her daughter chose to be afflicted with mental illness. (Or ask me the same question, for that matter.)

As for accepting responsibility: this has been a primary focus in my therapy. These unforunate circumstances, illnesses, etc., do not amount to excuses for poor decision making; they do, however, offer mitigation in terms of moral culpability.

I will tell you unequivically that when I was at my worst with the sordid effects of undiagnosed and untreated bipolar disease I, as much as anyone else, had to ENDURE my own antisocial behaviour. I blame no one but myself for spending approximately 20 weekends in jail. I blame no one else for the fact that the debilitating effects of older psyche meds caused me to gain a lot of weight. But I will take just a little pride in the fact that I have committed to a program of counseling and newer medications (which have helped me lose all the weight I gained).

Your point aboout accepting personal responsibilty is well taken. But I feel compelled to point out that our ability to care for ourselves is often affected by things like abusive parenting, mental illness, and a lacking support system.

Thanks for such a thought-provoking post.

appleleaf said...

Thanks for more food for thought.
I was recently reading somebody who agrees with you - eat when you feel hungry, stop eating when you're full and it doesn't matter if you have a bit of what you enjoy.
BTW, I liked your comment on my last post. Call it karma, reaping what you sow or whatever you like, it makes sense.

Red said...

Bill, you are so right in the fact that there are a select few who, for whatever reason may have difficulty in initially getting help. But help is out there.

The other factor that may curtail folks form getting help is dollars. Whether it be a psychiatrist, or Weight Watchers (which is not $15 a week, that, if added up for a month is a weeks grocery bill for us).

People are neglecting their health and not just their weight, because they cannot afford it. We are in that very boat. I do not like it.

And Bill, I am so very glad that you have gotten yourself righted(I love that word) and are on a path that is good for you and everyone else around you. Keep up the good work.

Live long and prosper.