Monday, December 8, 2008


It recently dawned on me how much water we waste. And trust me, if you looked hard enough or just paid attention to what you do with your water, you would easily see how much we waste. It hit me just recently that I let the water run when I was washing my hands. And what was that water doing while I was washing my hands? Absolutely nothing. That's my point. It was running down the drain, yeah, being what? Wasted.

That is when I did some minor research into how I could conserve water. And I now do things differently. Do I implement every single suggestion on the water conservation site? I think not. But every little bit helps. Small moves people. If everyone did one implementation think how much water we would save. And we all know we cannot live without water. Dying of thirst does not sound fun in my book.

I will give you some easy things you can do and it won't take any effort. The biggest one we are doing is saving our grey water. Mostly from the water the is running when you are heating up your shower water. We take that water and use it to flush our toilets, water the plants around the house and plants outside. I no longer let the water run when I do the dishes that cannot go into the dishwasher. I make sure that the dishwasher and washing machine are fully loaded before running them. Again, you would be surprised where you can make a difference. Ooo Ooo, My husband now washes the car on the lawn, that way we do not have to water the grass that day. See, who would have guessed.

Water Conservation Tips

And, if you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you will see a link that shows you how much water we do use. It is sinful. Take a gander, and see what small little bit you can contribute to helping our planet and keep as much water on her as possible.


Glass Mannequin said...

I take three minute showers. Compared to almost any girl I know, that puts me so far in the lead when it comes to water conservation that I tend to ignore everything else. (kidding)

Tara B. said...

Most people waste TONS of water(literally) and it just makes me so angry sometimes as there are plenty of people who don't have enough clean water for their basic needs.

When we first moved into this house our well didn't work(still barely does, pumps about 100 gal a day) and we hooked up with the water district that would go up to two weeks without water. EVeryone up here has huge storage tanks that they store water in for those times(5000 gal) well, my tank is only 500. Sometimes that would have to last us a week or more.

It is amazing when you dont have much how much you find you can conserve if you really have to!

While our water situation has improved drastically we are still very conscience and aware of what we do use. Water is something we never take for granted in this family, it is a precious thing!