Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Medical Update

Well, I made it down to Miami and back in one piece...in a manner of speaking. Let's put it this way. I won't be doing any long distance traveling in the foreseeable future, that is for sure, in a car that is. But I was able to put a dent in the book I had been reading before surgery. The sofa I sit in, or any sofa for that matter, is so deep, that it is not good for my back just yet. Six weeks out and I am still having difficulty sitting properly...who knew.

We arrive on time, and get right to X-rays. Get this, they are backed up about 45 minutes. Got to love the big city. Now, remember, our appointment with the doctor/surgeon is at 1:00PM. We finish with X-rays about 1:30. So we let the doctors office know we are back. I tell my husband to ask the lady at the window if we have time to grab lunch. Also know that the cafeteria is about 20 steps from their office. In fact they can see the cafeteria from their door. So it would take someone form the doctors office about 15 seconds to come and retrieve us. But she informs my husband to sit and wait, it should be soon.

Now I need to stand, for sitting for long periods of time is still not good on my back, so I stand, walk, sit...whatever it takes to keep my back pain free. Well, we are standing on a rail in the waiting room when the ARNP (Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner) that is going to see us walks by. I gently grab her hand and ask her if we have time to grab some lunch (It is now 2:oo), and she says, "Go, got get something to eat, there are no rooms ready, and if one comes available, I will send for you." So we darted as best we could over to the eatery(I love that word) and grabbed a soup and sandwich. We came back and it was now nearly 3:00.

I thought we would be on the road by 3:00 and on our way home...NOT! So we sit, stand, walk and wait. Then we finally get called in about 3:30. We get in a room and luckily enough we do not sit and wait in there. What is it about doctors and getting us in the actual exam room and make us wait for another 15-30 minutes. Do they think by getting us out of the waiting room,that we will enjoy our waiting experience more. I mean come on, we have been waiting for nearly an hour, how can that be smoothed over. Sorry, got off on a tangent.

The ARNP comes in and we go over all that has happened to me since the surgery. She determines by my updates, that I need to have the doctor come in and see me. You have to remember, that this doctor is top 5 in the nation (And so gracious, to come to his defense), so when the ARNP cannot dismiss me, something must be afoot. So the doctor comes in with his 3 fledgling doctors to see my progress. I am going to back track here a minute, but it will be soooooo worth it.

When we had been sitting in the waiting room, there was a door leading into the room you enter in order to get you to your exam room. That is where they, meaning all the doctors, can view X-rays, and MRI's. Well, there is this kid, we can see through the little glass that is in the door, and I swear he must be all of 12. And I say to my husband, "Either they are getting younger, or I am getting older." I chose the former. I then inform my husband that this kid better hope he does not come into my exam room, for I am going to tear him to shreds about looking young. My husband starts to shake his head, for he knows I will hold true to my word.

So, we now have 5 people in the exam room, not counting my husband and myself. The first thing I say to this kid, who has a surfer dude hair cut is, (In my best surfer dudette voice) :Dude, where's your board?" Well, not only did he blush, but so did my husband along with thee most renowned surgeon in the nation. It was pure bliss for me. I was having fun at someone elses expense. So I walk for the doctor...on my toes, normally, and on my heals. Then I turn to said surfer dude doctor again and ask him, "You are old enough to shave...right?" I'm in heaven at this point and my husband is wanting to draw up divorce papers. And the surgeon wanted to know if I had been smoking happy cigarettes. I had hit the jackpot, someone thought I was off my rocker.

The entourage left, but the female of the trio interns came back in and answered some questions I had. The trio of interns were: Surfer Dude, Pretty Little Latin Barbie Doll, Asian Kid Shorter Than Me, and I am all of 5'2". I am guessing the Asian kid heaved a sigh of relief when his buddy got ribbed about his youth and someone left him alone about his height. Ain't life grand.

That was the highlight of my day. Now on to the grounding news. The surgeon himself is completely baffled as to why I am experiencing this severe tingling in my legs. And he said it to us, :I ahve no idea why this is happening." I know this makes him human, but when the top surgeon in nearly the world is bamboozled, then that scares you just a wee bit. So we are foo to an MRI in Deerfield Beech at 7:30 this coming Wednesday morning.

My husband and I are trying to go over what our options will be after the MRI comes back, and this is what we have come up with: 1) It's just something that will subside and time will take care of this. 2) We need to put you on some medication to help this 'thing' along. 3) This is something we cannot fix and you will live with this the rest of your life. 4) We can fix you, but we have to go back in.

Hellllloooo. I just went through what could be classified as pure hell, to get myself fixed and now I have this to deal with? Come on. Oh well, at least I am walking upright. I should be grateful. Tell me and my legs, when are walking aimlessly around the house at 3:00 AM to try and make the tingling sensation go away.

Sorry to vent, but I had to get it out. So, all we can do now is hurry up and wait. Send me more good thoughts my way and keep me in your thoughts. I am trying to be positive, but it is not so easy this time around, for I know what is ahead of me if we have to deal with option #4. So keep your eyes peeled and an update is on the horizon.


Christy ~ Munch75 said...

Snicker, glad you got a kick outta the surfer dude, bet he went home to his mommy telling her about you! :)

Freakmom said...

Hope you get some good answers soon!

thislittlepiggy said...

Would a hug help? HUG

Frankie said...

Sending healing vibes your way.

besaroboy said...

Ugg what an office waiting nightmare, and I thought my recent hour plus was bad. It is really frustrating that they don't know what is going on and even more so that they say to find out they would need to go back in, grrr.

This is an uneducated medical thought, but I would say that hearing that time may deal with it is good news. It is no quick fix with a pill and a pat on the rump, but the body is so good at repairing itself that maybe it is the best solution.

Good luck and I will be thinking about you and looking for more news.

William Cooney said...

I wanted to commend you on maintaining a sense of humor - but then I thought gee - maybe she's not trying to be funny !! Either way, I'd say your attitude is the best thing you've got going for yourself. Keep it up.