Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's Time For a Change

For those of you who are U.S. reader, that is not an Obama plug. I read a small snippet just this morning, and it fit perfectly into my life right now. Some of you may or may not know that I have recently given up meat...again. Why you may ask, well there are a few reasons, but this time around I feel so differently about my choice. Another good thing about getting older and hopefully wiser.

Here is the post I ran across from a comment of a blogger who comment on a blog that...well you see where that is going. Apple Leaf has this on her blog. First off, before I dive into my post, I want to say how much I enjoy reading others blogs. I try every day to read the latest, but don't always get that oppurtunity, but eventually I manage to take a gander or two at all of my blogs. Now on to the real reason of this post.

Who has the ability to make changes? Presidential candidates? Come on. Let's look at any given presidents track record, and what real changes did they make? Don't even get me started. But it is not the big cheese that I am here to scribble about. It is you and I that I am more interested in. I hear it on more than one occasion, "Why bother. My little bit will not make a difference."

If every person on the planet lived by that philosophy, where would we be? I dire peril(I think that is redundant), but what if no one recycled, or no one, car-pooled, or no one stood up for animal rights, or human rights, or cared to be someone who conserved energy. The list could doubtlessly gone on for quite a long time, but suffice it to say, you get my meaning.

I recycle with a vengeance, and so much so that it scare me sometimes, but I am fine with that. Am I a radical when it comes to recycling? Well, I guess I am. But I have picked that as my passion, silly as it may sound. I have other items on my list of things to do and or change, and I will be posting about them.

But I can honestly say that I am comfortable in my endeavour to change the world, even if it is only one plastic bottle(which we no longer purchase), old newspaper, plastic bag(which I try rarely if ever to bring home), tin can and so on. I knew that I am making a difference. And my heart aches for those who don't get it.

We have become a disposable world. And I am not just referring to recycling. We throw away this and purchase a new that. What's wrong with what you have? Do you really need another CD, blouse, pair of jeans. And if so why not go to the thrift shops. There are some great vintage articles there. Just think about your lifestyle. What works in my home will not work in your home. But you will find your own niche and when you do stumble upon it, it will give you great joy.

Find your passion and feed into it. There are so many avenues for you to stroll down, and in doing so there may be a plethora of other venues for you to pursue. I am starting to ramble now. But everyone can make a difference, no matter how small. Small moves people...small moves.


sunshineperri said...

Oh my gracious, WE LOVE THRIFT STORES!!!!!!! The best one is in Palatka and we spend HOURS looking and trying on clothes!!! I just love it!!!! We are always thrift shopping!!!! You can get so much more for your dollar!!!! We even look for stuff for our Christmas villages! The kiddos love to find new houses, cars etc for their villages. We are now looking for a coffee and end tables. I know what I want, so I will just keep on looking!!!
Love to read how much we are alike!!! You have such an eloquante way with words. Keep up the good words!!!

Red said...

Sunshine,Hah, we are practically neighbors. I adore St. Augustine. It is so quaint, and I still love the beach, just not thee ocean. Does that make sense?

I am still getting dressed fro my spinal surgery, but once I am mobile enough to hit the garage sales and get back to out momma, for you will not be able to follow my smoke trail.

Tara B. said...

I love thrift store shopping and even better is garage sales!!

We are avid recyclers, and it's funny cause my hubby just kind of thought it was another phase or something and went along with the idea, now he is the one obssessed!!

Forgive my terrible spelling this morning, I am terribly lacking in sleep thanks to the new fiesty little kitten!

BTW... the Gandhi quote on "Being the Change" is my all time favorite! Gald you made over to Apple Leafs blog, she's great!

Cheryl said...

Last year's third grade class helped me "Recycle for Rescue". They brought in plastic water bottles and cans. We recycled $280 and I sent it to tbfriends, which is run by Joe Shelton in Sacramento, CA. He uses the money to go to feedlots and buy thoroughbred horses and saves them from slaughter. Once they are rehabbed (many of them are injured), he virtually GIVES them away to loving families! My students, who barely have money to buy shoes, gleefully and gladly did this because I BELIEVED in it. Now, this year's class has caught "recycle fever". They RUN to recess and scour the playground looking for water bottles! So far, we've recycled only $10, but they are catching on! I admire their enthusiasm.

Cheryl said...

I bought a lot of Christmas and Halloween decorations at thrift stores! Most of my furniture has come from thrift stores, including the two china hutches I have in my kitchen!