Friday, September 12, 2008

Paper or Plastic?

Which of these do you choose? I am lucky enough to say I choose neither. Yep, you heard right. Gone are the days our arms/hands are loaded with plastic bags. I loved bagging in paper, but many times the bag boys would get there before me and start bagging and then all was lost. Plus, those poor kids have no clue how to really pack a paper grocery bag. But I learned quickly to tell the cashier that I wanted to bag my own groceries, due to the fact that I could get into 6 bags, what they would do in 8-9 bags. Too much waste as far as I was concerned.

Hence, my new method of thinking. omit the paper and plastic and opt for reusable bags. I have nearly one dozen canvas style bags, in all different shapes and sizes, and from different companies. Low and behold, our plastic bag usage has dropped exponentially. The only plastic bags that come into our home now is from my in-laws who furnish my son with Cuban bread for his subs and thee occasional extra food she has cooked. Fear not dear readers we take these bags and recycle them. My son worlds at the local grocery store ans drops them into the appropriate receptacle. Bada boom-bada bing.

Please take a moment and see the good works this lady has done. Green Bag Lady has gone above the call of duty. Please feel free to donate any and all you can to her cause, even if you need to bags. I always wanted to sew, but never took up the hobby. Same with knitting. Who knows, maybe she can't cook and if I should ever visit, I can cook while she sews, but my luck she is one of those super women who can paint, cook, and everything else I cannot. All kidding aside, take a moment to think what you can do for our planet and rethink how you transport food items. I now use my foil pouched bag. (My daughter is the one who keeps reminding me we have it and to use it) I need to purchase more of those. They are also reusable. So get out there and start buying, slowly but sure if you have to, and get those reusable bags in your possession. Hit the Garage Sales, Thrift Store, and if it is within your means, get something...anything to The Green Bag Lady.


Christy ~ Munch75 said...

Congrats on being more green!

My best friends' mom made bags for her family out of used caprisun drinks, they're really colorful and hold up well.

I, on the other hand, eh. I'm not so good at being green. I'll try harder. :)

sophie~chan said...

hmmm....I think we should all go green. Im trying to go green. lol. But its harder than it looks. =/ Oh well, Congrats for you!!!

Anyways, thanks for posting a comment on my blog about 9/11

sunshineperri said...

I am always using my bags. I bought them at Publix and use them at every store...Target, Walmart etc!! Now they are all selling them.
I am also like you and want to bag my own groceries!! We girls sure do know how to pack!!
I keep all my bags in my truck. I keep the black bags in my hubbys truck. I keep some in our house for sleepovers, visits and more.
You gave me an idea....our church passes out paper bags for time I'll pack it all in a recycle bag!!
My newspaper is delivered in a plastic bag. I save them and use them as doggy bags when I walk my dog!!! I can tie a knot in it and I only have to use one bag per walk instead of the 3 I used before!!!

TIP: Don't keep your foil bags in your car...they won't work for cold foods. Keep them in your home, right by your door so you see them when leaving.
Good for you for staying and becoming more green!!!!

Rose Valentine said...

Wow, that's great! I think I should start doing that.

fitncrafty said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my resuable bags! They are the best. I see them everywhere, most stores are carrying them. The bigger and stronge the better. Yeah Green Bag lady.. what a great thing. It is one easy way to help out our Earth!
Enjoyed your post!

Freakmom said...

That's one area I haven't gone green in. I do think Skippy at the grocery would have a stroke if he had to use canvas bags. I do reuse the bags in the house, so at least they aren't getting a one time use. Some day I'll try it.

Glass Mannequin said...

"Nevermore quoth the raven." Edgar Allen Poe

I've been a bag boy for years and I'd just like to inform you that those boys were probably assuming that you would prefer lighter bags.

Oh and the canvas bags are so much harder to use than plastic. Also, it bothers me when customers give specific instructions on bagging besides "make them heavy" or "keep them light" Anything else feels like an insult.

And I can't imagine a circumstance under which I would learn the tango. I'd love to though. The problem is that I'm able to teach myself how to breakdance and swingdance, but those are both improv based dances. Waltz, Tango, and Salsa are much more formal and require training... Whatever.