Monday, September 22, 2008

Soft Alternative

No...I am not talking about Skin So Soft. But for those who have been followers a decent amount of time, you know my commitment to doing what I can to help out Mother Earth. Most folks do give a rats hiney what they do with their recyclables, or left over food, or food that could be used to make soups, my list goes on. But suffice it to say, I am wee but greener around the gills. And so much so that I have been Hanging Clothes for quite some time. About a month or so before my surgery(July 15, 2008).

And I gave up fabric softener sheets(they have animal products in them, long story) and we now make our own Clothes Detergent but even thought I LOVE clothes hung on the line, they lacked that dryer softness, especially our towels. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled I have the advantage of having a dryer. Women years ago were stranded. It rained for days, you were fresh out of luck. But today I discovered something. I had been putting white vinegar in where you usually put our liquid fabric softener. So everything is copasetic, and then I bring in the towels that are dry and man oh man, they are soft. Don't get me wrong, they are nowhere near the softness of a dryer, but they are darned tootin' close. So Viola, another break through in the Green world. Hah!


Frankie said...

In our old home, we had a huge basement that the previous owners had strung lines. I used them and hung everything. Until the day that my DH asked me to please dry his jeans. It seems he would pull them off the line (was I lazy or what) and the were as stiff as a board and could stand on their own. lol

I miss hanging the clothes in the basement. Nice to know about the vinegar! I always refuesd to use liquid fabric softner.

Red said...

Funny thing is, I love stiff jeans, forms to your body. Unless you got extra curves and bulges to hid, then hugging jeans would be a no-no!

Synia said...

Wow, I did not know you could use vinegar as a clothes softener! How does it smell though?

The Cooking Lady said...

It smelled pretty darned neutral. You have to remember that our loads are on the super-sized load. So out 1/2-3/4 cup of vinegar is just there to equalize the smell of the clothes.

I use it 'all' the time. I do not miss commercial bought detergent or softener at all. Hope this helps!

It's me Red!

Brenda Sunshine said...

nothing beats drying clothes than by hanging them. That smell is one of a kind. Plus, it reminds me of my mom. :]

appleleaf said...

I've always been a clothesline girl myself. Since we live in a warm part of the world it's quite handy. Nothing beats the smell of sunshine in your clothes. Thanks for the vinegar tip. I'll try it.
Thanks also for stopping by my blog. I like yours, with its handy environmental tips and your fascinating lists of interests.

Tara B. said...

I put a drop or two of lavendar or other essential oils to my vinegar ball(I use a Downey Ball) I love the smell of clothes line dried clothes, but I also like lavendar.

When you do use the dryer, I recently learned another neat trick. Instead of fabric softner, crumble up a ball of alunimum foil and toss it in. Haven't tried it yet, but my friends over at Sonlight swear by it!