Friday, November 21, 2008

Buddy Can You Spare A Dime

Well I am glad I vented about things I could not find to write about, for now I have one. The Bailout that the U.S. is considering for the automakers of this great nation of ours and the bigger picture...should we?

I am by no means a political analyst and wish to the stars above I was more versed in our governments political structure and its inner workings. That aside, I am not sure I want my money to go and help out a company where its top dogs are by no means hurting.

Are these CEO's taking a calculator to the grocery store so they do not go over their $75 a week budget for a family of 4? I think not. Are they having meatless meals (Not that that is a bad thing, for if you a vegetarian, that is a way of life *plug completely intended)? I think not. Are they letting go of the Hummer that may be sitting in their 4 car garage? I think not. Do they plan their day trips so that all errands are done in one day as not to help the gas gauge stay as far away from the "E" as possible? I think not. And yet they came to Washington on huge company jets with a tin cup in their hands. What is wrong with this picture?

So why are we bailing these people out when you know their spending practices, whether it be for business or personal will not change. Should not their practices reflect as if they were dealing with someone else's money...oh yeah they are, their employees pensions. Step away from the pension funds, nice and slow like.

But how can we expect the government and or these big corporations get their spending under control when we as Americans are a society that is charged to the max. Take a moment and think about your own personal lifestyle and see what you could lose, get rid of, let go or give away and live without. I am guessing lots. But we have spouses, and children who would pitch a fit if we say, let go of cable, cell phones (blackberries, and such forth and do I really want to read my Email on a 2 inch screen?), gas guzzling SUV's, 78 music CD's that only about 17 really get listened to. The list goes on. There is a fine line between what we need and what we want and many people have blurred that line.

We have recently let go of our credit cards and not by choice. But I will tell you this. I will never have a credit card as long as I live. And if you one of the skeptics who thinks you cannot live without a thin piece of plastic, then you have not been introduced to Dave Ramsey. If you have not listened to or heard of him, may I make a suggestion? Do so. He speaks truths you would not believe. And I am unable to implement much of what he says to for we are a single income family right now, struggling to keep our home. But as soon as I am able to get back to work, I will be working on gaining my financial freedom.

But who is to be thee example, the general population or our government. Credit cards is a big business. And if the American public begins to see the light and realizes what a scam they are then what would we do, what would they do, they referring to the credit card giants? I am guessing there are enough unsuspecting folks out there who still feel that living on borrowed cash is just fine and dandy...well I don't. At least not any longer. And I am spreading the word of Dave Ramsey. He does not say you will be out of debt in one or even two paychecks. He also says it will be a difficult road. We did not get in debt over night, we will not get out of debt overnight.

Take the time if you have it. And if not rent his audio books from the library, and if the library does not carry them, then request it. I have listened to his entire book via the audio books and am now listening to The China Study the same way. I am in my car quite a bit, why not utilize that time. Why not educate yourself anyway you possibly can. Take what you like and leave the rest.

For someone who had nothing to say 2 days ago I seemed to have found something to rant about. I hope you all rethink how you/we as a whole handle the money that comes through our hands and what we are doing with it.


Tara B. said...

I couldn't agree with you more, both on the bailout and Dave Ramsey. Perhaps all these cooperations asking for a bailout should be required to attend Dave Ramsey Financial University first?

I am 100% against these bailouts for a number of reasons. ARe the small business owners getting bailouts for their business blunders? Are these bailed out companies going to turn around and show any compassion to those of us common folk who owe them money(morgtage lenders, credit card companies) I think not. They are getting bailed out, yet still ruthless in collecting from the little guy! Whose going to bail me out?

I have a sickening amount of debt...truly sickening...It will take me a minumum of five years to get out of it. I don't have a fancy RV to show for it, no wide screen tv(my tv's are 11+ years old) no stereo system what so ever, no high dollar clothing or shoes. I frequent thrift stores and garage sales. My debt is from paying my dying mothers bills, caring for her during her terminal illness and paying for multiple rehabs for my daughter, not to mention legal fees in getting custody of my grandchild, NOT from living above my means. Yet there is no bailout for others like me. At the same time these greedy, banks and businesses are getting bailed out when they are living far beyond their means, yet they will still forclose on me tomorrow when I am only a month and a half behind on my payments! Wouldn't be wiser to keep a homeowner in the home when there is SOME money still coming in? Guess it doesn't matter when you are getting bailed out regardless...

Can you tell this is a "hot" topic for me!

appleleaf said...

This is an interesting read. Maybe Dave Ramsey would provide an interesting read even for international people. I know what you mean in your last post too, as I've been a bit blog-bogged myself.