Sunday, November 2, 2008

How Was Your Day?

Well this is a bit out of sequence, but I think it worth the tell. Last Tuesday I had quite a few errands to run and my son was off, and sine one of thee errands revolved around him, he tagged along. When I am out and about with errands, I am on a mission. I have a plan, I get done what I am there to accomplish and get home. I enjoy being in my home. This day we had to get to the bank, library and then grocery shop. I had a plan...or so I thought!

We went to the bank to see where my sons debit card was. We signed in and got called over by a representative lickity split. I explained to the lady we had not received his card. She asked him for his account number and she proceeded to pull up his account. She then proceeded to tell us he was overdrawn. Whoa whoa whoa. All he has done was open the account and deposit rolled coins. How can he be overdrawn? Well there was a great explanation. I had made my sons account overdrawn. Yep...good ole mom.

About a week prior, I had a bank card come in. My husband reminded me to activate it and I did. I had only ran the card 3 times. We try to use cash as much as possible, due to the fact that we have no more credit cards to use. The minute I saw the printout from the bank, my face must have gone white and the expression-a Kodak moment. I knew then that I had activated the card that was mine for my sons account. I told the woman who was helping us exactly what happened. She was gracious enough to wave all fees involved, and all we had to do was replace the monies we had depleted. I thank her, and she told us that my sons card was on its way and so was my card for the old one I had mistakenly cut-up. I had only one person to call and ask them to hold a check for a day, but that would have to wait until I returned from my errands.

Now we have arrived at the library and this is a small parking lot. It holds about 36 cars. But on this day there were cars all over the place, and I am not talking just in the spaces. there were cars in places they should not be. The minute we pulled up I knew exactly what was going on...early voting. I am glad these people are out and about and doing their civic duty. But I, someone trying to get into the library, could not get into a parking space. I had to go over to the middle school parking lot and walk over, what a concept.

I was in there to report a book my son had checked out. It is called a manga, which is a anime styled comic book. This comic book which was readily available for children to check out had some quite explicit sex scenes in them. There was no denying what these scenes were trying to tell you. I filled out the correct paperwork for the staff to review the books and I left. I was still angry that these voters would not cart their backsides in the adjoining middle school parking lot, but I did. The non-emergency police were going to get a call when I got home.

We get to the grocery store and I realize when I get out of the car and can find only 3 of my canvas bags, that thee others were most more than likely back at home. My son then explained that they were in my husbands car. I did not have a huge grocery list, but we all know if they are bulky items your bag capacity goes down. But I had faith in my ability to keep our shopping experience a good one. We bammed (A word my son tells me means to go through quickly) through and were able to use only the 3 bags we had, save for the large items that did not need bags. Am I good or what?

We get home, make the phone call about the check and call the non-emergency police. Life is good. My husband and daughter made fun of me for being proactive about something I felt deeply about. Number one being I did not think those Japanese comic book should be so readily available to children (which it is) and people should park in parking spaces, no where folks can not get in and out of spaces and not worry about making a fender bender happen because someone was too lazy to walk to and from the library.

Thank you have a nice day.


Tara B. said...

Good for you for reporting that book to the library! My oldest DS is into that sort of art and at 17 I let him choose his own books, but if that were available at the library for my 9 or 11 yr olds to check out without my consent, to say I was upset would be putting it mildly!

Tara B

Christy ~ Munch75 said...

Life lessons taught while doing errands with mom. Every kids needs them. It shows them that even their parents make mistakes! :) I'm sure your face was priceless at the bank, too funny!

Freakmom said...

Thankfully early voting around here was only in government buildings not areas where the public goes. (I know the library is a government building, but I mean places like the court house and village hall).

Synia said...

Sounds like one of my days...
Thank goodness for the understanding lady at the bank!! :)