Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stuck In A Loop

It has been nearly 2 weeks since I have posted...about anything. I sit here looking at the screen and I get zip, nada, nothing, zilch. You get my meaning. Now, for those of you who know me, I am hardly if ever at a loss for words. But nothing and I mean nothing has inspired me here of late. What is wrong with me. Life is going as well as can be expected. I am getting better every day. I am eating healthy, feeling good in general, so why can't I think of one blessed thing to put to cyber paper?

I skim my regular blogs, hoping something you people post about will jolt me into something, but I still get a big fat zero. I love writing, this is why I stared my blog in the first place. OK, to be totally hones,t it's all Permissions fault. She is the one who twisted my arm into getting this blog going. And here I am, nearly 8 months later. I love writing, and reading what is going on in other peoples lives.

There are times when I begin to get a little bluesy about my life, then I read about a small tragedy some other blogger is going through and then I put away my pity potty. I just want to be inspired again. I want to stop peeling potatoes for the evenings dinner so I can at least get a draft going. But that is not happening. I know of writers block, and I know it is a very real thing. But to me?! You have got to be kidding. And yet here I am trying to figure out what I am passionate about enough to make it blog worthy.

There is the new President Elect. I will wait to see what he does before bashing or praising him. There is thee economy. I will wait to see if I get a job or not to see if I feel the economy is heading up or spiraling out of control. There are the impending government bailouts. Now there is something I just may be able to sink my teeth into. Don't even get me started on those guys. See, here I go. I am getting fired up just typing now. So I think I have struck a vein and now need to go and see what I can dig up on these poor CEO's who are in need of a dime. Buddy, I can't spare one.


Permission to Mother said...

Not my fault :) !!!

Bill611 said...

I realize that this is a bit strange perhaps... But I started following my biorhythms about 25 years ago when I was in the Navy, and have noticed that my ability to write seems to flow right along with the ups and downs of my emotional wave pattern. So, outside of my normal bedside journal, I developed 3 blogs, each with a different emotional feel, that sort of allow me to write no matter how passionate or flat I happen to feel at any given moment. I have a deeper poetic one (Thought Sketches) that I seem to do the best with when I am emotionally...sensitive, and a couple of lighter ones now that I gravitate toward when I am emotionally...stable...and all the world is "buttercups and bumble bees". Also, the mental wave of the rhythms seems to have some bearing as well.

Use this info, or not, as you like. Some people believe in biorhythms, and some people believe its a bunch of hooey. Personally, its always seemed pretty accurate for me.

Thanks for your writing. Good stuff.