Friday, February 13, 2009

You Are What You Write

Why do you read certain blogs, or even drop by on occasion? Is it the author/ess, the layout, content, grammar, photos? There are many reasons why I read ones blog...or not.

If someone new comments on my blog, I take a gander at their place. Sometimes it grabs me, sometimes not. I will keep up on them for a while, but if I am not drawn in, then I don't keep coming back.

How they put their words together is a big one for me. Now don't think I am a writing snob, for surely I would most more than likely not make it through English I if I had to take it all over again. But to me grammar and how you piece your post together means something to me.

I am not fond of mini-novels or the one liners. Either one of those will turn me off immediately. And if you can't hit a shift bar, trust me when I say that I will never come back to your blog. That is like nails on a chalkboard. And for others it may be ending a sentence with a preposition (which I have been known to do now and then), some prefer no profanity (I am trying really hard to curb my usage, but do not think I was a sailor...I was not).

I take a while to get hooked on a blog. And now that I have been doing this nearly a year, my tastes have changed. A dear friend of mine does not see the point of blogging. To her it is like a public diary/journal. And she is right. So for those who post personal issues, you may have to get creative in how you present your information. You don't want to step on families or friends toes.

But what I seem to now want to stay away from is depressing blogs. Don't get me wrong. I know many folks are in dire straights, our family is one of them. But I don't sign on and blog about it in every post. Do I mention our problems? Certainly, but I hope that I do not dwell on our families struggles. I know people are hurting and in deep trouble. And we should be able to come to our blogs and vent. But when thee underlying theme is the same thing every single time, then to me, at least, your blog loses some credence.

There is always some worse off than you. You may not think so, but unless you are living under and bridge and you have the ability to post (meaning you have access to a computer, even if it is via a friends home or the library) you are better off than some. I know this to be true so I try rarely to whine about our current predicament(s). This too shall pass.

I want to hear good things. Do not misunderstand me. I know we are not living in a fantasy world, OK, maybe some of you are, but for the most part, we are a realistic folk. But why burden your reading public with your woes. Those of us reading get tired of saying, "I'm feel so bad for you, don't worry things will get better." What if they don't? what if said blogger loses her home, job, vehicle. It's happening all over the place.

So before you put your tiny little digits on that keyboard, think about what your adoring public will say at the end of your post.


Tara B. said...

Great post!! I know I am guilty of a few of the offenses you speak of. I am the QUEEN of run on sentences, as I write much like I speak!!

William Cooney said...

I agree. Good Post! I know sometimes I vent about the personal or quasi-personal from time to time as well. I see the challenge in writing about the personal to be doing it in such a way as to provide something a few readers will relate to, and possibly doing it with a little good humor, which is not always easy.

I recall back in September when my brother Vinny passed away, I wrote several rather personal posts, which was very cathartic. But you're right. I had to resist the temptation to become temporarily obsessed.

For the most part, I am happy to read posts of a personal nature because my hunch is that the writer is relying on this medium to vent his or her feelings a little. It seems a very healthy thing to do.

And, as with most things in life, variety and moderation are probably two qualities worth seeking out.

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