Saturday, February 21, 2009

Give Me A Break

I am on a roll. I wrote to The Food Network asking them why they do not have a show that cooks vegetarian dishes. I mean come on, there are those of us out here who do not consume meat. But that is a different post.

But this thing in the news about Michael Phelps has me a bit perturbed. Kellogg's is dropping him because there was a photo of him smoking pot in a bong. Give -me - a - freaking - break. You meant o tell me that there is no one sitting on the Board of Directors at Kellogg's that has not taken some sort of illegal drug. Give me a break.

You mean to tell me none of the big wigs ever snorted a line of coke? Or I will even give them the benefit of the doubt and say that you mean to tell me that no one up in the Kellogg's high and mighty walls has never gotten drunk and done something stupid? Puh-leeeaze.

And now they are dropping Michael Phelps. After all he did for his country during the Summer Olympics of 2008? Give me a break. Trust me when I say that I will be writing Kellogg's and letting them know I will no longer be buying their products (which I don't for the most part anyhow), but I will dig a bit deeper and see how many companies are connected to them or owned by them. And I will make sure those products do nto get into my shopping cart.

I know that my little bit of business will not bring down this monopolizing company, but I want them to know just how I feel. And who knows. Maybe someone who reads this will get sparked to write them, the same as I, or maybe write to some place that has ticked them off and let them know just how they feel about something. The power of the pen.

I never knew how liberating it was to write a company and let them know how you feel about something they are doing or something you would like them to do...who knew. So a letter will soon be forth-coming and on its way to Kellogg. You can bet your bottom dollar I will let you all know what their response is.

One of my dear friends found this for me. It was on Saturday Night Live. It says it how it really is in regards to Michael Phelps. There is a swear word at the end of the little video. So if you are offended by swear words then I suggest you skip the video, but in my humble opinion, it is worth it for the one word.

Saturday Night Live Video


appleleaf said...

I can definitely see your point. That bong smoking news about Michael Phelps made it over here. Now why does it have to go international? The man is a power house! He deserves a break for sure.

Bill Cooney said...

Thanks for sharing that SNL snippet. That was funny. Maybe the big picture question is Should pot use be decriminalized? That's a topic all its own, though.

Good post!