Sunday, March 8, 2009

Things To Remember

I rarely if ever deal with chain Emails. they are, for the most part a waste of time. But I received one recently and scoured over it and read all the way through it , which is uncommon for me. But it wasn't the Email that hooked me so much as the final part of what had been sent.

This Email was from one of the survivors of the recent plane crash in the Hudson River in New York. We all know we should be grateful for what we have, but in all honesty we get slack in our thanks. Recently, (in the last few years) I have been thrown a few curve balls in the way of my health (via an accident), but all the same, my health was called into question.

And every now and then we are jolted into realizing just how precious life is, and that we all have a number. I can only imagine being any number of those who walked off that plane the day of the crash. And here are some of the things one of those people took away with them.

1. Cherish your families as never before and go to great lengths to keep your promises.

2. Be thankful and grateful for everything you have and don't worry about the things you don't have.

3. Keep in shape. You never know when you'll be called upon to save your own life, or help someone else save theirs.

4. When you fly, wear practical clothing. You never know when you'll end up in an emergency or on an icy wing in flip flops and pajamas and of absolutely no use to yourself or anyone else.

I myself had to rethink some things due to these statements (minus the flying part, for I rarely fly and 'always' wear practical clothing).

I try not to make promises, for then you look like a failure. So I usually say I will try, and that lets me off the hook.

Keeping in shape is not a problem. I have always kept a somewhat ideal weight (not those outrageous numbers the American Medical Association tells you you should be) and am glad to say this did not pertain to me. I had seen my mother get heavier as the years rolled on and she has used every excuse in the world except for taking responsibility for her own actions. I did not want to be that person...and I am not. That is not to say that I am fit enough to save someone else's life, but I am a sure sight better off than many out there. I love helping others and if dragging someone to safety is my destiny in life, then I want to be ready. Are you?

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appleleaf said...

Thanks for those thoughts. They're worth writing down, that's for sure. Although we weren't in his situation, we can imagine how we might have felt. After watching, "The Biggest Loser" each night, I reckon I'm not too unhappy with my size either, also that program often makes them go a bit too far, in my opinion. I suppose $200 000 is a big carrot.
I appreciate your thoughts on my blog too. Definitely something to throw into the equation.
Hey, I came across a series of book reviews on lots of the classic literature I enjoyed as a girl, written by a lady named Red. Was that you? I only ask because she seemed to share your entertaining and acerbic wit.
BTW I liked your last post. I was relieved that the "she" you referred to turned out to be the dog.