Wednesday, March 4, 2009

She Fawted

Well this is most likely going to be one of those stories that is funnier if you were there, but here goes.

My daughter has a new interest in her life, and it ain't a new puppy. So thee other day Mr. Interested came over so she could let him watch the first installment of X-Men. this poor lad has yet to see any of them (freak that he is), so Savanah asked if he could come over and hang out to see the first movie. I was home, dad was home (gulp) so all was cool.

The movie was going grandly, I was surfing the web (mom never being unable to see junior) so I would scoot to see the movie then do something in the kitchen. Dad was at his parents, but had come home. So all four of us were sitting in the living room watching the movie.

We bring in our 55 pound pit-bull mix, /she does the usual meet and greet then plops herself down squarely on the carpet in the TV Room. All is well until we hear this very loud Faaaaaarrrrrrtttt!

All four of us cracked up. the dog never missed a beat and she could have cared less who was watching or listening. She did what she had to do and was done with it. Us, on the other hand could not believe what she had done. And just what had she done. A very natural act, to a dog at least, but to us, it is a sign of being ill-mannered. Well then I guess our home is the top of the line when to comes to being ill mannered. At least among our own family that is.

We, meaning the four that live here (5 if you count stinky...I mean Tippy) are all comfortable with our, how would you call it? Our ability to alleviate our bodies of extra hot air. And yet, if the dog does one of thee most natural acts in the world, we all blush and carry on like a house full of hens with a fox running loose.

We actually have dinner table discussions about this topic. If you can't be comfortable with your own family talking about this, who can you be comfortable around. Needless to say it made for an interesting story, and obviously one worth enough to blog about.


Bill Cooney said...

This was funny! Maybe there are just two types of families in the world: those that talk about natural bodily functions - and those that don't.

Somehow a discreet "excuse me" just doesn't due justice to something as profound as a - well, you know.

Thanks for the laugh!

B.Sunshine said...

hey red! its been a while. hope all is well. peace, love and sunshine all the way from texas!

sunshineperri said...

I am so glad to hear that my family isn't the only one who talks about this at the dinner table!!!
My dh is the best at Fawting and holds our family record.
Patches has been known to let some good ones!! She is little compared to your boxer!!
Thanks for the laughs and letting me know I'm not the only one!!!

.{C.L.A.i.i.R.3}. said...

Hai! I love your blog!