Monday, May 18, 2009

But I'm So Ugly

I recently heard of a conversation that took place and it was quite interesting to me. There is a young lady I know that grows her hair out all the time, just so she can donate it to Locks of Love.
This is a big thing for many, if not most of the teenage girl population I know. But this young girl has gone outside of her comfort zone and donated her hair to those less fortunate.

Locks of Love is a non-profit organization that takes hair that is donated and makes wigs for children that are victims of cancer. Now I know that some people are offended by the word victim. But let me tell you how Merriam-Webster explains victim:

One that is acted on and usually adversely affected by a force or agent: as (1) One that is injured or destroyed or sacrificed under of any various conditions

Even Merriam knows these kids are done wrong. With that said, this young lady knows that she can keep growing her hair over and over again. These children to not have that advantage. And some of them may not even get the chance to enjoy the wig that is being made for them.

I have seen people tear down what locks of love does, saying they take monies and spend them unwisely. Hell, our own government does that, I don't see them moving to another country. For the most part I applaud what this organization does. And, what they cannot use for the wig itself, is sold off to other wig companies and the money is turned back into Locks of Love for other expenditures.

What had been said from an outside party was this, (And I am paraphrasing) "After my mother cut off my hair, I realized she had cut it too short and within a few seconds, I thought how ugly I really was." Hello, you think you are ugly? How about the little girl or boy who has no hair and a good possibility of dying. And you are worried about how much hair gel or spray you are going to need to make yourself beautiful. Puh-leaze. Give me a break.

Nothing is that important that I cannot give it up to help a fellow man, and moreso one who is handling a grave disease. Kudos to the young lady who is growing her hair out for those in need. What a very adult thing to do, and unselfish at that. I know there are going to be people who say, "Well if it works for her that is all fine and dandy, but it may not be my cup of tea." Again that person is correct, but do not sit there and have the gumption to tell me how ugly you are or that you could never do it, when a child's life is hanging in the balance.

To each his own, but I applaud fervently to all those who give up something that is so precious to many a female. But bottom line, it's only hair, for us it will grow back, for those with cancer, it may very well not.

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Obi-Mom Kenobi said...

People really complain about Lock of Love? That's unbelievable.