Monday, May 18, 2009

One For The Road

I do not like Dr. Phil. I think he is full of himself. But even windbags have something to say every now and then. My husband was at the gym today and Dr. Phil was on. So he read the closed caption while he listened to his music. Today's show was about DUI's. I did not get to see the show, but as my husband began to tell us what he saw on the show, I could see his blood pressure rising. There were three families on there who had lost children to drunk drivers. Then there was a former judge. And then there was your leech, I mean defense attorney for DUI's specifically. And then a Barbie doll who has had 3 offenses.

I can only remember once in my driving career (which is30 years now) that I have gotten in the cart when I should not have. After that night I knew I never wanted to do that again. I could not sit here and complain about folks who drink and rive when I had, in fact, did the very same thing. What was I thinking? I wasn't, for my judgement had been impaired. And what if I had taken someones life. That would not have been my intent. I was just hanging out with a few friends after a long days work in the parking lot. What harm was there in relaxing a little bit. LOTS!

I have grown up since then, and that is not to say I was immature, I just got really wise that night. I imagine I am one in a million. How many others are doing thee exact opposite and keep on drinking, keep on driving and are sliding under the radar...until. By then it is too late. I no longer drive with any alcohol in my system. And if my husband and both decide we want to drink somewhere, which is rare, we flip a coin. I have an occasional drink at home, so I do not feel the need to drink when we go out if he wants to let loose a bit. So the decision is easy for me.

What got me toasted (no pun intended) about this show, was the Barbie Doll who has gotten 3 DUI's and since her daddy has bookoo bucks, has gotten her off on all three charges. What happens when the next time she is drinking and driving, she, or the person she hits, is not so lucky. What then? What about the judges and lawyers who have just been giving her slaps on the wrist and letting her go on her merry way. What do you say to the parent of a dead child, when they look at this persons track record and nothing had been done about it...until. By then it is too late.

The parent of one of the dead teens told the Barbie Doll that her son had been killed, by someone most likely like her. the Barbie Doll said that she thought the .08 limit was and I quote, "Stupid." And the little miss sassy pants went on to tell the grieving mother that maybe it had not been the .09 drunk driver that had been the cause of thee accident. A hush fell over the audience. The mother then stated through clenched teeth I am guessing, that if this had been a different style show and she would have been a different style of mother, they would be going at it right now. Thee audience cheered the mother.

I believe that what goes around, comes around. You get what is due to you. Law of Attraction, if you will. Your next life. Thee after life. Take your pick. But for those who are not serving thee appropriate time for their crime will pay at some point. And even for those who do kill someone with thier vehicle they are not doing time like they should. they are serving minimal time in jail and it is a white collar jail. Let me get this straight. I pick up a gun and kill someone I am labeled a murderer and do hard time for my crime. Easy enough. But, I go have one too many, slam into an innocent person, kill them and I am someone with a social problem who is not labeled a murder. Something is definitely wrong with this picture. Murder is murder no matter the weapon. A car, gun, bat, knife, the list goes on. You can't own a gun after a murder? Then why should you ever get behind a wheel after you kill someone with your vehicle.

Driving is a privilege. You earn it. The privilege should be taken away if you abuse that right.

My uncle was killed by a drunk driver. That driver was himself. Think twice before downing that extra beer, drink or cocktail before slipping behind a wheel thinking you can handle it. No You Can't. Trust me on this one.


motherx said...

I agree with you 100 percent!! very pleased to meet you:)

appleleaf said...

I absolutely agree! Very somber subject. The attitudes of those drivers, such as the girl on Dr Phil, makes your blood run cold.
Hope your swearing ban is going well. That thistle is a situation that would test the best of us!