Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ropa Solar

Yep, that is about the extent of my Spanish. the translation is solar clothes. Yep, my father-in-law was wonderful enough to but us a clothesline. And the first thing out of my mother-in-laws mouth was, "Where are you putting it?" She asked my husband. He knows her, so his snappy answer was, "We put it in our living room, you want to come and see it?"

She was worries if the neighbors would see it! Helloooooo, are those neighbors going to pay my electric bill? I think not. Now, you have to remember, I H-A-T-E-D hanging up clothes when I was a kid, and for many reasons. 1) We were a family of six. 2) My mother never enforced that we could wear clothes more than once (explain why you need to throw a set of clothes in the dirty basket when all you did was sit and play video games). 3) She never helped us, we were on our own. 4)We had to hang clothes in the heat of the day and in Florida. Nothing worse than having sweat roll down into places it should not be. Need I say more?

I have hung out two loads of clothes out today with my daughter. Now I don't have enough clothespins yet, so I am taking coat hangers and using them to hang up the shirts. I still hang them on the clothesline, but just on coathangers. That frees up more of my pins until I purchase more. My daughter caught on pretty darned quickly on how to hand clothes and why they are hung in certain ways. The more air that can flow through the clothes...the better.

She just ran out and pulled the damp clothes off the line, because there is a huge thunderstorm coming our way, and if you have any experience with clothes on the line and rain, you will know they get very stiff. So we did not get to have them dry 100% on the line, so we threw them in the dryer for a few minutes. We are still saving bundles on our bill and doing great things for Mother Earth.


Freakmom said...

One of Violet's favorite things to do is help my mom hang clothes on her clothes line. Mr. Incredible is so worried about appearances and what people think of us (come on, we're freaks forget about it already) that he won't let me get one.

Cheryl said...

Both my mom and grandmother had clothes lines. I had one when the kids were in diapers and I LOVED IT! I need to put up another one (hubby took my old one down). I agree. There is NOTHING like the smell of clean sheets off the clothesline! Thank you for inspiring me to do one again!