Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bringing Order to Chaos

For those of you who may not know me, I am a Trekkie. I came across Star Trek while visiting my Grandmothers on the weekends. We would all load up on Friday after school and drive an hour and a half and arrive there just in time for dinner. We played until dark while the adults prepared the evening meal. Then as my mother talked with family and or friends late into the night, I would struggle to keep my eyes open while the original Star Trek played at 10:00PM at night. I was hooked. Even as a little girl of 7, I knew this was a show to be reckoned with and boy was it ever.

Fast forward 1996 and Trek added another dimension to their already well woven fabric of story telling. We had been introduced to the Borg, a species that functioned under the hive mind theory, The Collective. They believed that our singularity would be our undoing, and that many voices brought order to chaos.

I am not an extremely, super-organized person. that is not to say I am a pig or a pack rat. My home does not look like a show room, people live here and looks just that way...lived in. I do not wish to be one of those OCD people that sits down, and is always thinking of ways to better organize or that cobweb that might be looming in the guest bedroom that no one ever even sees. But I do like my home to be presentable if guests do pop by unannounced. My kitchen is my weak spot, and here is why. First and foremost, we do not...I repeat, we do not eat out. So all of our three meals are cooked eaten here or taken to work by the two men who live with us (husband and son), so there are always dishes to be washed, rinsed or put away. I try to stay ahead of them, but there are times they get away from me. I have run my dishwasher as often as three times in a 24 hour period. Last Thanksgiving, I ran it 4 time on 'the' day of Thanksgiving.

I am getting my home life back together since recovering from major back surgery this summer. I still cannot get down and clean the way I would like, but this too shall pass. I am looking to loose some of the excess stuff I have accumulated over the years. I do not want to be one of those people who says, "What? Get rid of it, what if we should need it?" Then ten years later, that said item finally made it to a garage sale or thrift shop. It never got used!.

I am always looking for tips, ideas or ways to better organize my life. I keep my purse in the same place, because when I ask my children for something out of my purse, they know exactly where it is. I used to make fun of my grandmothers for doing repetitious acts, but now I understand, it is a form of organization.

So go out there, find a website, book, or an clipped newspaper article about organizing and utilize it. Don't let it stay magnetized to your frig and collect what? Oh yeah, dust.


Allana Martian said...

Now that I'm visiting your blog, I can see why you noticed my son's "greeting". I really don't know why he is so bent on "Vulcanizing" every family photo. We aren't Trekkies! I usually humor him, then request a more serious pose. Problem is, when the majority of the family looks good in spite of the fact that Zack is sending cryptic messages with his hand, then that's the photo we use! LOL! I'm pretty sure he can do both hands at once (autistic savant?) but I'll check when I get home from work. Tomorrow. :-)

Tara B. said...

organizing is my BIG weak spot. The funny thing is that people think I am super organized, and I am the exact opposite! Go figure... I guess I at least APPEAR organized, does that count?