Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Peaks and Valleys

I have nothing against thin people, if that is their natural body type. But for many a girl/women, I am guessing they are surviving on air. There are times I want to go up and tell them to go eat a Big Mac (I would never, being a die hard advocate against junk food and a new-found vegetarian, but you get where I am coming from).

What ever happened to a real woman, or our perception of what a real woman's body should come close to resembling. I luckily never grew up with body issues, (even though the majority of my mothers family was morbidly obese). I grew up seeing that and knew I never wanted to grow up and go through what they went through and I never have.

But on the flip side, I have seen (never known) girls who are dying to be thin. Seeing them makes me shudder. Do they think it looks good? And thee answer is yes. And why do they think this. Well, just open any fashion magazine and there you will find your answer. Thank you Twiggy, and yet she is no longer thin. HAH! Payback can sometimes be a good thing.

Who told our girls that a size 1 was a good thing and something to strive for? Oh yeah, look at any TV show geared for the teen category. Not! There are a few things going on out there that are hopefully showing our girls that it is very much OK to have curves. Marilyn Monroe thought so and so did every man who drooled after her and every woman who wanted to look like her.

Here is a great show, but I will say it is gearded more for a teen population and I also suggest moms sitting with your daughters to guide them through any questions they may have. Read through Real Women Have Curves and see if it is right for you and your daughter. My daughter has curves and it made her feel so much better to see someone who was real to be OK with their body image. And yes, we do it the flan!

Another company who is doing strides to show the world that not all beauty comes in a size 1 or 3 is Dove. I may not endorse their products, but I do endorse their message 100%. Girls need to know that it is fine and dandy to be a size 8...10...12...and even 14, depending on your height.

I would also like to point out an authoress that has a grip on the fact that larger curvaceous women are not fat, even thought we have been led to believe that this farce is the real deal. I think no. May I introduce Meg Cabot of Size 12 is Not Fat & Size 14 is Not Fat Either. I personally have not read either of these books, so I cannot vouch for their content, but I would so love to get my hands on one if not both of these books.

There are also a few women who are standing up to thee establishment and telling them, "No, I will not drop 30 pounds just to please a few pencil pushers." Some of those women are, Jenifer Hudson, America Ferrera, Jordin Sparks, Sara Ramirez, Raven Symone, Fergie. I just want to say thank you from a mom who is trying to show her daughter that it is AOK to be a voluptuous, curvaceous, filled out figure of a girl/woman. I say Pah to the wannabe Twiggy's of the world and a big round of applause to those who are confident with the skin they are in.


Lonely Heart said...

Great post!
I have to say I'm not curvy at all. I'm the kind of girl who eats a ton and nobody seems to believe me till they get to know me. The first step to being a more comfident person is accepting your body. I admire girls and women who go against what the world says and don't diet or try to lose weight to fit the norm. I've seen what eating disorders can do to people: It ruined my friend's life. So being a size above 3 doesn't make you any different from anyone else.

appleleaf said...

Hurrah! I might print a copy of this post to read when we need it. I'm definitely the large-boned, curvy type and so is my almost 10yo daughter. I didn't escape anorexia in my teens but we're determined she will. I also know many skinny, control-freak types who would be curvy if they'd let themselves.
Very great post,

Tara B. said...

Great post! This is an area where at 39 I STILL struggle. I grew up super skinny yet was told I was fat! To this day when I am super active I quickly shrink to a size 2!(without trying) If I am not as active I quickly gain to a size 11! I am 5'3".

I have a very hard time accepting it when I am going up in size. I feel less than valuable which I know is a lot of bull, but still struggle none the less.

Honestly though I know I am not an accurate judge of my size. I thought I was "fat" as a size 2!! I would love to get to where I don't care, but it seems a long ways off.

Media and society don't help much.
Tara B