Monday, October 20, 2008

Safety First

I was wearing my seatbelt long before it became a law in my state. I am comfortable in knowing that it saves more lives every year than not wearing one. But where do we draw the line. Yes, we buckle in our little bundles of joy, and so much so that moms usually ride in the backseats(raises hand showing she did it when her babies were little) to tend to their young.

I have seen good ole boys strap in Buddy for a ride to who knows where, but thee other day I saw something that made me shake my head. As I was leaving our local produce stand, someone had their side door open on their van and pray tell what do I see. This...this is what I saw:

Yes, you do not need to clean your glasses, or adjust your computer monitor, you are seeing what you think you are seeing...a pumpkin that is strapped in for safety. I respect this person immensely. Being a vegetarian I got a bit further than just making sure my tomatoes are not at the bottom of the bag. I take great pride in my veggies. For we use them for so much more than just food. they get juiced, and it does not stop there. I use the bits and pieces(that many use to compost, but we have not started composting as of yet) and save them until I have enough to make a huge pot of vegetable broth.

So you see how I might feel about this person who took the time to ensure this pumpkins safety. And that person is my daughter Savanah. I had stayed a bit longer at the register when purchasing our produce and was giving the lady the web address to my Cooking Blog so she could find some new recipes. Then I finally make it back to my van and my daughter has her back to the open side door...knowing good ad well she was trying to hide something. Then she broke out in a sheepish grin and I knew it was nothing bad. She stepped aside and there was our little pumpkin, lopsidedness and all.

He...or she will be put to good use. We will cook the pumpkin meat for a pumpkin pie and also toast the seeds. If I could do something with his outershell, believe you me I would. I am so wanting to get my composting started. But recovery from surgery is more important. The Composting will be there when I am healed!


fitncrafty said...

Funny.. because my children buckle in all sorts of things, stuffed animals, movies, backpacks you name it.
If it is that easy to appease them, so be it. Yes!

Did your pumpkin make it home safely? At least it didn't roll over and squash your tomaotes...;)

Freakmom said...

Glad to see the pumpkin was safe on his ride home (where he will be eaten - ack! the irony). I've buckled in teddy bears before. Kept the toddler happy. Now she's 9 and buckles them in herself. Glad to know she isn't the only one.