Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Other Blog

Well, I did it. I started another blog...who knew. It's not that I need another place to babble, but after seeing three recipes one behind the other, I realized that I had something to offer those who are looking for good food alternatives.

That is not to say that everything I post about will be 100% healthy. I do intend to let my daughter post some of her famous sweets, and yes, even those can still be healthy...if you do them the right way and have them in moderation.

Hope you enjoy The Cooking Lady

P.S. I have seen other blogs that when you are directed to their profile, you see they have more than one blog. I would love to add The Cooking Lady to this blog, so those who are interested in recipes, they can hop over there. I have searched and searched on to add another blog to my profile but to no avail. Any help form you ladies would be greatly appreciated.


Permission to Mother should be studying said...

Its a great idea to have another blog to pursue special interests. I have noticed that I have posted an abundance of food-related posts.
I will enjoy having dibs at your recipes.

If you go into dashboard it should open up an option to make your blogs visible.


Wild Squirrel said...

From your Dashboard, click "Edit Profile." Then, scroll down (it's not too far down the probably don't even have to scroll) until you see "Select blogs to display." Then, check the box next to the blogs you want to be seen and select "Save Settings." That should take care of it!