Monday, July 28, 2008

To Tell the Truth

Well after reading a fellow bloggers experience with one of her children bending the truth, my mind went directly to when I had to confess to my son the truth about Santa. Some of you may or may not know that my son is autistic, and that puts him more in the mind set of a 15 year old instead of the 19 years he is. For me that is not a problem, for that is all I have known.

A few years back, before we began homeschooling I had to play Tooth Fairy to my daughter and got caught red handed. She questioned me and I told her the truth. The next morning at breakfast she eagerly informed her brother who the tooth fairy was. I did not try to deny it. Now you have to remember that he would write her letters and leave her gifts, which of course I kept. "You were her the whole time?" Was his question. "Yes." I replied. He began to stew.

"Well, at least you are not the Easter Bunny?!" I kept my head down and kept on eating my breakfast without missing a beat. "WHAT?! You are the Easter Bunny too? All those clues you left for us...I can't believe it!" I did not reply for he knew that I was indeed the Easter Bunny.

"Well, at least you are not Santa Claus?!" Again,I kept on eating my breakfast, not saying one word. "WHAT?! You mean to tell me that Dad is Santa and you are Mrs. Claus?!" He was now near fuming stage. You could see his wheels turning. Remember also that the year he discovered this there was an extremely popular gaming console that all the kids wanted...he got it that past Christmas. His mind was churning, he looked up to me and looked me square in thee eyes. " paid that much for Play Station 2?!" He knew then what Mr & Mrs Santa had been dishing out all those years.


Fairly Odd Mother said...

I LOVE this! I can just hear your son's indignation!

My daughter has decided that the Easter Bunny is us, and that the concept of a bunny dropping off candy is ridiculous. The tooth fairy, however, sounds logical to her.

thislittlepiggy said...

The cat gave away all the secrets here. Sweetums's Christmas presents were hidden under our bed, and guess where the cat hid? Mhm.

Sweetums was actually glad. She was relieved that a stranger wasn't plundering around in her house while we were all asleep! Who knew? LOL

Skippy said...

I remember that day, although it seems somehow more comical when you tell it.