Friday, July 25, 2008

The Power of Massage

I recently had major spinal surgery, and if you have never gone under general anesthesia, then you may not know that it wreaks havoc with your system, and more specifically your plumbing. To rub slat in the wound(No pun intended) they put me on iron...big mistake. There is nothing worse than things not running smoothly(Like how I am avoiding all the graphics about this subject), and that is what I was experiencing...until today.

As I sat in the ladies room here at my sisters, I began to rub my belly, for no other reason than to rub it. Well low and behold, things began to move. I had really begun to worry that I may need to take stronger measures. But my little belly rubbing session paid off. I did not have to take one supplement or additive to get things moving. Good 'ol time and mother nature prevailed.

Long live massage!!!


Permission to Mother should be studying said...

This blog ran a series on this topic and answered some questions we have discussed before.

sunshineperri said...

I always use a hot water bottle on my kiddos to get things working!!
Glad your massage worked.

Forgot to add to the other post, can't family be so wonderful!! I'm so glad your sister was there for you!!!