Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dangerous Curves Ahead

Ahhhh, remember when having curves was what you aspired to look like. Remember when women/girls wanted to look like Marilyn Monroe? Well if you tried doing that today, you would be labeled FAT! You read correctly folks F-A-T. I bet you anything that Marilyn herself is rolling over in her grave.

Don't get me wrong, I know there are girls/women who can eat and eat and eat and never gain an ounce (And I mean eating good food, not living on drive-thru or take out, that is not real food in my book). But there are those who actually strive to be as thin as Twiggy. I bet if you took a poll and asked men who they would prefer to have on their arm for a date and their choices where Marilyn Monroe or Kiera Knightley, wonder who they would choose. There are some who might even choose the stick figures, but I am leaning on the side of not.

And yet the media goes wold when any star even gets close to a normal-sized 8 in the clothing realm. Size 8, that is a whole size smaller than I am and I am pretty darned average. I do not have to shop in the plus size section so life is good.

I applaud what Dove is doing and promoting that real beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. But I also want to applaud so high profile women for taking a stand and not shedding thee extra weight just because society/Hollywood/the media says they should. I am comfortable in my skin and until otherwise I am good to go.

Jennifer Hudson: A woman who was voted off American Idol by The Public and she still managed to land an Oscar. You go girl.

America Ferrera: "Don't eat the flan." If you have not seen Real Women Have Curves, then may I make a it. For any girl who is having issues with her body, this film should be a mantra. It is not for little kids, for there is a scene involving America's character deciding to have sex for the first time. And even thought nothing is seen or heard, parent discretion is advised. Great film all the same.

Kelly Osbourne: You may not approve of her lifestyle (which I don't), but she recently came out of rehab and told the press that she is OK with her figure, even if they are not. Good for you Kelly.

Sara Ramirez: Grey's Anatomy. That is all I have to say. This woman is of ethnic background. Why is it that most women from Latin Countries have no problem with being voluptuous? If they don't, then why should we? Get a grip folks. Oh yeah, on a curvy woman you would have something to grab onto.

I could sit here and list a few more, thee emphasis being on few. I understand there are those who are naturally thin. Happiness to you ladies. But I am 5'2", 136 pounds and have no intention of trying to let go of a few pounds. I am physically fit (save my recovery from surgery), I exercise semi-regularly, my blood tests let my doctor know that I had the lowest cholesterol she had ever seen in her years of practice. So nani-nani- boo boo to all you who purposely want to be overly thin. Hah!


appleleaf said...

All the fellows we've ever quizzed say they prefer curves. And in my opinions, all those celebrity gals in your photos looked great.

Tara B. said...

Great post! I love what DOVE is doing too, will save many young girls from the torture I still continue to go through trying to have that "perfect" body.

I volunteered at a concert last night(Superchick) and the girls gave a big long speech about this very subject, about accepting ourselves for who we are and forget all this image stuff. Great stuff for all these young pre-teens that follow these girls.

Wish this band had been around when I was raising my daughter, much more suitable role-models than Brittney Spears and Spice Girls and the others my daughter had to look up to.