Sunday, April 12, 2009

Timing Is Everything

Get our your alarm clocks, for there is a time to do things that be most beneficial for you. This is not set in stone. For instance, it is best to do a cardio workout best in the AM, but it is still better to do cardio then not do it t all. With that said, here are some tips to keep your health at its best and see when it 'is' best to do these things.

1) To sharpen your brain, pay bills or do a crossword puzzle between 10 and 11 AM or 8 and 9 PM.

2) Take a nap at 2 PM. And all you need is a power nap. You are looking at from 10-20 minutes. If children can do can you.

3) Go on vacation in late February or early March. And take it outdoors.

4) To boost your energy, follow a sleep schedule.

5) Head to bed at least 3 hours after eating dinner.

6) To power up your pills, swallow your multi with a meal.

7) Take birth control or heart pills before bed.

8) Fill your prescription midmonth. Drug stores are busy at the beginning of the month, when Welfare and Social security checks are coming in.

9) To get more from your workouts, do your cardio in the early morning.

10) Learn and practice a skill sport between 4 and 6 PM. Your hand eye coordination is best then and it will help you sleep better at night.

11) Start exercising in January or June. Due to the fact that so many people sign up after New Years, health clubs can wave the sign up fee. And in June clubs offer specials for vacationers, so take advantage of these offerings.

12) Begin your diet in June. There is a seasonality to weight loss. You naturally drop a few pounds due to the fact that once summer arrives you begin to be more active.

13) To protect your pearly whites, floss at night. If you can only floss once a day nighttime should be that time. Your body produces less saliva at night which means that food will sit in your teeth meaning that harmful bacteria is sitting on your teeth.

14) Brush within an hour of downing a sports drink. And unless you are doing extreme sports, you don't need to be drinking these beverages. they were concocted for football players. So if you are not expending that much energy, then leave them be. And a bike ride around the block does not count. Along with soda, juice and other beverages along with sports drink, these beverages are acidic and can erode your teeth. So step away from those drinks. does the body (and teeth ) good.

15) Have a root canal after 2PM. Numbing medications usually last 8-10 hours. So the meds from the dentist will keep you pain free until you hit the sack.

16) Schedule your big procedures for January or February. Those months are slow for dental procedures.

17) To maximize your medical care, get the first appointment of the day. Doctors won't be distracted by the backlogging of patients. Or try for right after the doctors lunch hour.

18) Plan your mammogram for the week after your menstrual cycle. Your breasts will be less tender then which will make the procedure less painful. (Guys, you are safe in this area)

19) Test your cholesterol twice a year.

20) Arrange your elective surgery for winter or spring. Avoid July, August and September, when teaching hospitals are flooded with med students.

21) Get a Pap test the week before or after ovulation. The cervical opening is widest then., making it easier to sample cells.

22) Have head-to-toe skin exams in December. You're less likely to be tanned, so the higher contrast between your skin and pigmented lesions will make it easier for doctors to spot anything out of thee ordinary.

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