Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Are We Spoiled?

Nine Days! That is how long we went without air-conditioning. That may not seem so bad to most, but then many of you may not live in Southern Florida. Can anyone say humidity?!

And luckily for us, there was a late cool...not cold front that came through the night our AC went out. I drank lots of water, and dressed lightly. Usually the heat does not bother me, for I was born and raised in Florida, save a few years in Michigan. But in the summer of 2004, my MS (multiple sclerosis) got the better of me. People had always asked me if the heat bothered me, and it did not, until that summer. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Granted, direct sunlight is worse, but even being shaded will roll me under.

Also, in 2004, we had two hurricanes within a months time. We then purchased a generator and a window unit air conditioner. That was our saving grace these past few days. My husband put in one of the windows in the TV room and we sat in there. We would turn it on in the late morning, early afternoon and turn it off when we went to bed.

Then I think back on when I was a Florida, we lived without AC, and we seemed to have survived just fine. Is it uncomfortable? Heck yeah. But I am hearing more and more of people who are turning off their air conditioners because they are to expensive to run. And truth be told, I can see their reasoning.

We have friends who do not run their AC, and we do not visit them. I know that is not a viable reason to not visit someone. Goes to show you...we are spoiled, when AC runs over visiting friends.


Wild Squirrel said...

My hubby ran over the line to the A/C one day while mowing the lawn (only we didn't know it at the time). We moved in with my MIL for a couple of days until it was straightened out...I guess we're wimpy when it comes to the heat!

The Purloined Letter said...

Ooh. Can we come visit? We don't have AC in our more northerly home, but there are certainly days when we have temperatures and humidity that drive us to the bookstore, the mall, and the movie theatre!

Domestic Spaz said...

We're in South Florida, too, and have been without the AC for days at a time. UG. 9 days? That's a miracle, I would have packed up and left by then. :)

So where is this healthy pancake puff recipe??? Hmmmm????

thislittlepiggy said...

LOVE the AC, and indoor plumbing is at the top of my list too. ;o)