Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's Not Easy Being Green

Red: Hey fellow bloggers, my title is catchier than your guys...Nani Nani Boo Boo.

Fellow Bloggers: *Grumbles amongst themselves* Yeah she is can't trump Kermit...she's got us.

I love the Muppets and moreso Kermit. He was the one who got it all started. Kudos to Jim Henson. But the only connection is the fact that he is green and I want to be green, and I am not talking about my skin or my hair color (that is already out there on the color wheel), I am talking about doing anything and everything possible to help our planet, and trust me, she needs help.
I have been reading other bloggers and what they are doing to help Mother Earth and then compare it to what I do and I am not doing as bad as I thought. the one thing I am slacking on is my composting, which my daughter and I are working on this week. We saw a show on Planet Green and there was a couple in an apartment and they were able to compost in a big plastic bin, and we have just had come available here at the house. So our new journey begins.
I have recently started reading a new blog and she described something I have not experienced. She said that when she takes her reusable/canvas grocery bags...she gets looks. I get people saying that they think it is cool, and they still grab the plastic bags...old habits I guess, but they applaud my efforts. And one of the baggers that I know from our local grocery store. He was joking of course when he told me this, but he said he asks people if they would like to kill a tree or choke a fish. And if you think about is true. I know, I am standing on a soapbox, but as I grow older, I feel more passionate about the world around me and how I will leave it to my children and my children's children.
If you have never seen the book(s) Tightwad Gazette, may I make a suggestion and check it out at your local library and if you find it at a garage sale or flea market...snatch it up, you will never regret it. It is not so much a green book, but in saving money, you are being green. My friend has this book and I read it for a while but trust me, it is well worth the buy. The numbers are outdated, but the premise is sound. Better in my pocket then theirs.


Wild Squirrel said...

I have this book! I just started rereading it this past weekend. Good stuff!

Donna said...

Would you mind sharing some of the "Green" blogs and sites you have found with me, I too am trying - I am the ONLY family in our area who recycles. I LOVE "The Tightwad Gazette", I am waiting for book 1 & 2 as we speak (I have the "complete" version already but just wanted to make sure I'm not missing anything). I used to be on their mailing list and received the original newsletters (I wish I would have kept them!).

Red said...

Donna, I sent you a request to add you to my Yahoo messenger. I also Emailed you, so you may want to check your junk mail.

That way I can mass Email you the blogs/links to more tips on being green.

Let's all sing the Kermit mantra together, and let's hold hands, we can end the afternoon with a round of Kumbaya!

Permission to Mother should be studying said...

Yes, Your title is better than everyone elses! LOL.

It's not easy being green when you depend on kids, husband, and significant others to help and now there is one more step....

I was introduced to the book by a friend who was in C's co-op who would point out sections that I would be interested in. Many good tips.


Jen said...
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Jen said...

Canvas grocery bags. My husband and I use these while shopping now. At certain food store in Sweden the cashiers give you evil looks if you buy their plastic bags.

Kermit is nice. I like Big Bird the best, pity she's not green.