Sunday, May 4, 2008


It's a love-hate relationship. You can pick your friends, but family you are stuck with. I was with my family, minus a husband here and there, and a nephew. When there are that many people together, it is tough to keep everyone happy. And I still prefer smaller gatherings. But there are times when it is a necessity to do familial thing and do your duty.

In the last few weeks, I have lost 4 people I have known or been acquainted with. Some were expected and some came out of the blue, regardless of their age. So to say I saw my parents in a different light would be a slight understatement. They are aging and not in the best of health. That is not to say I could not be gone tomorrow, but the odds are in their favor that they will go first.

I remember as a younger woman, not wanting to grow old and take on the odd ways and habits of our parents, grandparents and others in that age bracket. But eventually we all become them. Oh, we say we won't get like that, but it is inevitable. We all get old. I see myself doing things, that I know for a fact get under other peoples skin, but that is how I conduct things in my life.

I did not bicker with them as I normally do, but this makes me wonder. By not discussing things with them, or presenting my side of a debate, am I, or any other child, giving in to our parents and admitting defeat, telling them they are right and we are wrong. I do not like that feeling. I am passionate about many a topic, and I know you should be able to walk away and be the better person, but this past weekend, I become part of a new demographic, the ever popular silent, submissive child.

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