Friday, May 9, 2008

Remind Me Again...

We celebrated my husbands Birthday a day early at my in-laws. She made all his favorite foods and his brother brought over a cake from Cold Stone Creamery. Now, we have been changing our eating habits and doing pretty darned good. But last night, after we had dinner, I wanted to see if dear old hubby would indulge in the cake with white processed sugar, and white processed, and sure as I am typing about it now, he took a slice. All I asked was..."You're going to have a slice?" And he said yes.

We had Cuban style pork and black beans and rice. It was delicious as always. When we returned home, we were all sitting around just relaxing and I looked over to hubby ans said, just very matter-of-factly. When your stomach starts to flair up in a day or two, I do not want to hear one single word about it. You ate that cake and you will pay the consequences. when we people ever learn? Why do they feel the need to eat things that will knowingly disrupt their stomachs and do bad things to them, just for the sake of fitting in. I say, be the rebel, and go against the grain of society. Sure you will get odd looks, but I could care less.

While on my mini-vacation this last week I chose not to eat certain things. Some of my family questioned my motives, but I stood my ground, and I am a better person for it. I used to judge people for not wanting to make changes to better themselves, and I guess in a way I still do, but now I have pity for them. I wish they could feel what I feel in freeing myself from the chains of the garbage we have been putting in our bodies. Does that mean I will never ever again eat anything that is processed? I am not sure, but I would hope that I would hopefully be able to step away and so 'No thank you.' My daughter has been doing it for years about her vegetarianism. So I feel, if she can do it so can I.


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