Sunday, May 18, 2008

When Do You Draw the Line?

We have been, as a family, trying to better our eating habits. And we have been doing fine and dandy. We have gotten rid of boxed cereal (save grapenuts, and puffed rice or wheat), and are losing our bottled salad dressings. I can't even think of any processed food we 'do' use. Yes, we have the occasional can bean, or box of pasta, but other than that we are eating pretty darned healthy.

So my my dilemma is this, do we give up our healthy eating lifestyle, just because we are pinching pennies. I mean have you compared a can of organic tomatoes to a can of regular tomatoes? And if you are a family who does not eat out, which we don't, at all, then all your money goes to the grocery bill. I am not complaining about not eating out, I can cook way better than many of those restaurants, and I can wear my slippers to the dinner table as well.

I know that cooking our own food is far better than eating out. No one would argue that fact, and if they do, they need to have their head examined. But again, where do you draw the line? Do you stop buying organic, do you start buying some processed foods, because you cannot afford the better items?

Some of the bloggers I have been reading have posted about deals from local supermarkets. Buy ones, get one frees. they are great deals, trust me, I know, I used to work at said grocery store, and my son and husband still does. but many, if not all of these BOGO deals are of processed foods. they are never on a can organic beans, or healthy style chips or bags of apples, it always junk style or less than quality food. I mean come on, Pop Tarts, got to be the ultimate junk food.

I will, for as long as I can, hold to my healthy guns and eat healthy, until I can no longer do so. Keep us in your thoughts.


Permission to Mother said...

Eating healthy cuts down on the clothing and medical bills. I say eat healthy and feel good.

I don't always buy the canned organic tomatoes. There is a big difference between buying the conventional tomatoes and pop tarts!

Freakmom said...

Is there a farmer's market near you? You could get fresh, locally grown foods and ask what is used on them.

Good luck finding the right balance!

Hannah said...

Thanks for your comments Danette!
The cost of food is rising here too. We have started a vege garden and I bake most of our bread. I recently quit eating beef, but for other reasons, not financial. I agree with permission to mother that by spending more for healthy food you will pay less longterm in healthcare.
All the best!

Kitty said...

Good for people to know.