Sunday, May 18, 2008

What's In a Name

How do we come to name our blogs? We all have stories, and I think mine is a bit interesting.

We are a home schooling family, and I have taught cooking classes for the last 4 years. I used to teach all age groups, but I got a bad taste in my mouth from a few disrespectful teenagers and I quit teaching that age group. I felt bad for those who wanted to learn, but I was angry. I then decided to teach only the youngest group. They were innocent and would not say in the middle of class, "That is not how my mommy does it!" And they are like sponges and bring no attitude to class.

But as time wore on, they too got comfortable with me and their personalities would come out. That's another description for attitude. So I would politely stop the class and wait for them to finish what they were babbling about. Now, you have to remember, this was not an art class, or a P.E. class. We were in the kitchen, with hot pots and pans, boiling water and sharp knives. I needed their undivided attention, and for one hour, it needed to be...All about me.

This phrase caught on so much that it stuck, and so much so that one of my classes had a shirt made for me and had it embroidered with that slogan on it. And to this day if I ask my class, "For this hour, who is it all about?" They know. It's not ego, it is safety and time crunch. I only have 1 hour to show and prepare a meal with these children and listen to their stories, and hopefully get something taught to them.

I love cooking. And thee only thing I ask for in return is that they 'get' something...anything. I want them to be with a girlfriend, or a wife, 10-15-20 years form now, and be in the kitchen and they be doing something and all of a sudden they stop and say, 'Hey, I remember the Cooking Lady teaching me that."

That's all I ask.

So the name for my blog came form one of those lovely vivacious teenagers who is just a ray of sunshine. She is goofy, quirky and a pure joy to be around. So, credit for naming this blog goes to KC. Thanks KC!!

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slouching mom said...

Aww... That's a nice story!