Friday, July 31, 2009

The Most Unthinkable Act

I am not thee most forgiving person. I think people should be held accountable for their actions, no matter their age, sex, race or creed. I admit that I think the punishment should fit the crime. But there are somethings that you just can't erase with any penalty. The act I am speaking of is child pornography.

Just the thought of it makes my skin crawl. And here in Florida we seem to be surrounded by them. They are everywhere. In the world of sexual pleasures, I think whatever makes you feel good then do it. But not to children. There is a line that NO ONE should cross.

On thee Oprah show today, that had a task force investigating homes that had been downloading child pornography for a few weeks. The law enforcement agency believed that this was the main man. But it wasn't. It was the son, who was barely 18. And thee acts that could be described on television made my want to throw something at the television.

And what's worse is that the law enforcement has no clue where these children are. Are they children that have been kidnapped (this is my husbands theory) and kept just for this disgusting act? Who knows. Do these children ever escape? And if so are they able to lead normal lives? And were are they? Could they be at your next door neighbors home in the basement being filmed? Again the thought makes me sick.

I saw Judge Judy (TV Show) being interviewed by Larry King a while back. And the one thing that she and I agreed on is that sexual predators/molesters/child porn distributors or watchers or participators are not rehabilitatable(sp?). they are so sick that there is no coming back form where they are.

My thought is take them out back with the dog the way they use to back in the day and put them and the dog out of their misery.

Then here comes thee icing on the cake. When they get caught, they get representation, because that is our system. Get found guilty and get to sit in an air conditioned room for the rest of their lives. They get medical treatment, three meals a day and some poor schlep called a journalist has the nerve to call them Mister (insert name). Mister is handed out to those who have earned some respect. These folks should be wiped off the face of thee earth.

Call me harsh, call me cruel, but I have not empathy or sympathy for those who do what these people do to our children. Children deserve better, children deserve a voice.


SamuraiMom said...

I have to agree with you 100% (and some!) on this one!

These people are sick beyond sick and truly beyond help.

Our prison system is a joke! I know people who have gone back, because it's a warm bed, three meal, a nice gym and CABLE tv!!

Someone who just got out of a short stint in jail commented on how good the food was and the cable tv! RIDICULUS!! Somethings got to be done, but it wont...

Sherri said...

I think if a man uses his equipment to hurt anyone,especially a child, then it should be cut off. That is the ONLY way to be certain to stop him from doing it again. I feel quite certain that some may think twice before losing control again.