Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's My Life

I am the one in control.
I am the one who says what I can and cannot do. (To a degree)
I am the one says how I feel. (Emotionally and physically)
I am the one who says what medications I take (Refer back to previous statement)

All these things, for the most part are within my power. Now I get the fact that some things are not in my control, like who voices Mickey Mouse. Nah, just kidding. Like when I dislocated my knee and needed morphine to dull the pain. Duh, hello, a necessity. But once I healed the pain meds were gone. A few days at best. I know people who thrive and actually look forward to the dulling sensation brought on by muscle relaxers and the such. To what end. In that moment when you are carried away by the effects of the medication you...my friend are no longer in control. And for those who do not like the feeling of not being in control, why would you look forward to that sensation. Do not get me wrong, I know some things are a necessity, but for how long? Days, weeks, months. Please. Get yourself righted and watch how fast you no longer need those mood enhancers to make you feel better.

I also have the ability to control what goes into my moth and eventually throughout my body. There is a show played on BBC, 'You Are What You Eat.' Truer words were never spoken. And what amazes me, is that when people are confronted in a very in your face kind of mentality, they still do not think that is what they consume. What planet are you on folks. And if you think you are eating food, the think again. There are certain things we should all be doing in respect to our food choices. And here are 12 Food Commandments to live by. Try them all or one at a time. But common sense will tell you this is the way to eat...duh!?

How I feel. There is a adage that Elanor Roosevelt made popular. 'No one makes you feel inferior without your consent.' I am a very confident person, but I would hope I would not allow anyone to break me down. To what end? If what they are saying is untrue then they need to be told. If what they are saying is true and is something that offends me, but is something I want to change in my life, can they be faulted for pointing out thee obvious? I think not.

We all have thee ability to shape, mold, forge my life, and moreso the way I want it, not the way anyone else thinks my life should be. you pay my bills then I have to listen to you, but until that day, sit back, relax and watch me get myself together.

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