Saturday, July 25, 2009

Where's My Magic Pill?

Maybe it's the generation gap, or the not wanting to believe what is happening, or taking responsibility for your actions, or you have been brainwashed for so many years into believing that the more medication you take the better off you will be. Not true!

Case in point, my father-in-law.

He has eaten his entire life, the Standard Cuban Diet. Which for the most part contains not one iota of vegetables. Unless you consider pale green iceberg lettuce, and super pink tomatoes a salad, as they are slathered in olive oil and doused with salt. My idea of even a salad differs greatly from their idea of a salad. I take it back. They to put some chunks of squash in their beans along side the park fat, so in my opinion that kind of cancels one another out.

They eat tons of fried food, and meat is at every-single-meal. That is not an option. I did purchase a turkey this last Thanksgiving, but I will not this year. We just don't eat it quick enough to make it worth our while.

And a lot of their meat is fried as well. And she uses lard to fry in, unless my son is over then she uses vegetable oil. But here is the kicker. My father-in-law had a few small heart attacks about 20 years ago, but recovered fine. Then just a few years ago, he had a few mini-strokes. But now his cholesterol is off the chart. And I mean dangerously high. So he was put on medication to lower his no avail. It just keeps on climbing.

So the doctor has either added a new medication or upped what he is on now. But they do not think this will fix the problem. And of course the first course of action the doctor tells him to do is change his diet. "No Way!" My father-in-laws thinking is that he has made it to 7o something, he is not going to change the way he eats now. Well, then you have no right to complain. If you are not willing to go through the changes necessary for anything in your life, whether it be food, alcohol, drugs, gambling, then stop complaining.

Oh, I just went up a pant size (after downing 2 plates of ribs)
My head is pounding (After a night of heavy drinking)
Can you bail me out of jail (After stealing checks from you mother to pay for your dope)
I can't scrounge up the money to pay my light bill (After blowing your paycheck at the race track)

This goes on for each set of circumstances. Now most of those examples are addictions, but those things we can definitely live without. Food is something we need to live, or, as we all know, we will die if we do not eat.

My husband has yo-yo dieted all his life. Trying to find 'that' fix. the one true 'diet' that will make him see the light. Well he finally has seen the light, and you know what it was? He isn't dieting. Yep, not one little bit. He just eats, and eats whatever the heck he wants. He makes absolutely no restrictions on himself in any way, shape of form. What did he discover? Is that you don't have to diet if you eat REAL food. We don't eat drive thru...ever! We rarely if ever eat out, for I don't know what goes into their food. I know what goes into mine. He does not exercise. Heavy amounts of cardio. But it wasn't until recently that it hit him, that he makes no restrictions on himself. And all I did was shake my head and told him I had been telling him that for years. I myself have never dieted. Do I fit the medical charts? Doubt it. In fact, if I go by the charts, I am 20 pounds overweight. I think not. I eat extremely well, get plenty of exercise, good sleep, and drink lots of water. And I can say that I am medication free and hope to be for the rest of my life.

Granted, I know medications are there for a purpose, but they should not be a crutch, an easy out. 'If I take this pill, my problems will all go away.' Nope. Because then pill 'A' gives you a side effect. So you go to your doctor and they give you pill 'B'. But wait a minute, pill 'B' gives you a new side effect. And the treadmill begins. When all you had to do was right yourself. Lose the crap that got you where you are now...dependant on the drug companies. I refuse to get sucked into the garbage they are trying to sell you.

Most doctors should be trying to heal/fix you. But all they are doing is making you more dependant on them with more medication. Why heal you, that would dwindle their business. I want to be more proactive with my health and not end up like my parents and father-in-law who carry around miniature suitcases (that is no lie) of their medications. And both my parents and father-in-law have computer papers filled with all the medications they take for any new doctor. How crazy is that? It's wrong I tell you.

All I am saying is that you can do whatever you want, for the most part, if you want it bad enough. Don't sit by on the sidelines and let life pass you by because of your health. That is the one thing you can control, save accidents and major illnesses (Don't get me started on that either). You can do it. It's not as difficult as you might think. Just ask my husband.

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Veg-a-Nut said...

I am dealing with the same thing right now. My mom is in the hospital for heart problems and I keep telling her she needs to change her diet. It is hard, I want to help, but how do you help someone who does not want to help themselves. She just keeps taking new pills. The doctors say her is a new prescription and she gladly takes it without even thinking of alternatives that are healthy for you! Growl! I had my physical in January and though I am overweight I am in perfect health. Everything way below the norm! I am excited to say that being vegan for almost 3 years has not hurt me one bit, but helped me. I don't want to end up like the rest of my family!