Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Is My Hair Spikey?

Out of the mouth of babes. Just when you think you have heard it all, a youngin' comes along and reminds you you ain't heard it all.

My daughter came to me with this story that someone had told her.

There was a young boy who was in his own home and come out of the bathroom. Upon exiting said bathroom, he found an older sibling and asked that sibling very matter-of-factly, "Is my hair spikey?"

Thee older sibling informed the younger brother that in fact his hair was not spikey and that it wouldn't be due to the fact that he had a buzz cut and there was no way he could get his hair to spike. The older sibling then wanted to know why he had asked such a question. Wait for it.

The younger sibling then told thee older one that, "Well, I pushed a little too hard when I was in the bathroom and my hair stood up on end so I thought I had spikey hair."

Oh what our bodies can do to us. And maybe this is only a story a mother can appreciate. And I thought that might be the case, except that every time my daughter tries to tell or hears of it being told, it still cracks her up.


appleleaf said...

That's funny. You can almost feel his pain. That boy is probably glad you left him nameless. I know a senior citizen who could probably tell the same story except that he's bald!

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