Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Side Of Truth

Do you know where your meat comes from? And do you even care?

I am not trying to convert anyone to vegetarianism. But no one can deny that letting go of at least some meat would do the body good. My daughters best friend tried to go meatless a while back just for one day and she couldn't do it...what does that say about us.

First off, we are led to believe that we 'need' animal protein in order to get stronger. 'NOT'
Secondly, we are told that if we do not consume dairy products that we will develop osteoporosis.'NOT'

It is nothing short of brainwashing to get you to buy their products. You notice I did not call it food. Trust me when I tell you anything that comes in a Styrofoam box and you can get delivered through your car window is not food. It is edible food like substance. And if you don't have thee ingredients on the container in your cupboard, then why are you eating them?

It's big business to sell you 'stuff' that resembles food, or things that you have called food your entire life. But this is not food. Or at least the the food your great grand mother knew as food. What would she say and do if she came back and saw us eating this way. She would kick our backsides all the way to the fresh market and not leave until we purchased fresh fruit and vegetables and if you chose to eat meat, you went to the butcher and got it from him, not the local drive-thru.

Think long and hard if this is the stuff you want floating around and 'staying' in your gut. I know I don't. I care what goes into my body, so should you.

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